UNPLUG: Go Virtual

Nov 09, 2015, 09:00 ET from BlueFlock Technologies Pvt Ltd

NEW YORK, November 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Work Without Physical Boundaries Using BlueFlock 

A six-month-old startup from Hyderabad, India, BlueFlock Technologies, aims at connecting more than 10,000 businesses to virtual collaboration spaces in next 3 months using their flagship product, the BlueFlock app.

P Kiran Raju, CEO of BlueFlock Technologies says, "Working remotely is no more a fad but a current day reality and a desperate need of the future. Right from infrastructure costs, to sourcing the right global talent, to working with global teams; physical offices do not have the flexibility to match up to this new phase of business functioning. Virtual Collaboration is the way forward for business productivity and profitably."

BlueFlock is a real time team collaboration app that helps teams to manage projects using their smartphones. In a fast paced growing market of productivity tools like Google Docs, Hangouts, Slack, Asana, Dropbox etc, which successfully offer a focused, but a silo based approach, to business utilities like Instant Communication and Document Collaboration, BlueFlock goes a step further. BlueFlock encapsulates all communication and collaboration efforts of a team into goal oriented Tasks and Projects. Teams can connect on a mobile workspace to manage all their projects virtually from anywhere, at anytime.

Annirudh Duddala, Partner and VP Marketing & Sales says, "We have broken down the entire complexity of Project management and made it available at an app level. Teams can simply connect through their smartphones and collaborate on Tasks and Projects. The idea is to drill down every Task and Project with defined goals and due dates, so that teams are always aligned with the core business goals of the organization. We have received a tremendous market response to the BlueFlock app. 383 businesses from 15 countries have already adopted Blueflock. Organizations who are already using other cloud solutions for their communication and collaboration needs, are showing great interest in BlueFlock."

Startups and SMB's that have realized the value of a remote workforce are fast adopting to the new age of global businesses. BlueFlock rises to meet this need by focusing on Project Management and aligning Projects and Tasks with business Goals. BlueFlock is the missing link in the world of virtual collaboration tools today. Businesses need to unplug and experience real time virtual collaboration the BlueFlock way.

The BlueFlock App is available to download from iOS, Android and Windows App stores.


SOURCE BlueFlock Technologies Pvt Ltd