Unstuck Announces Wal-Mart Product Availability

Eco-friendly Alternative to Salt Provides Roughly 80% of the Traction of Dry Pavement - Even on a Foot of Fresh Ice

Mar 08, 2016, 12:10 ET from Unstuck LLC

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Unstuck LLC, an innovator in vehicle traction and safety, is today announcing a large-scale release of their Unstuck product via Wal-Mart to cold weather markets throughout the US. Unstuck's "Tow Truck In a Bag" formula comes in easy-to-carry 12 pound bags which can be stored in a vehicle's trunk, wheel well, jack compartment or beneath a seat.

Unstuck's patented, environmentally-friendly formula provides traction for vehicles weighing from as little as 500lbs to over 150 tons even in the harshest of conditions such as solid ice, and below zero temperatures. Unstuck's environmentally-friendly formula replaces the acidic salts and chlorides that Americans dump on the streets, and subsequently flows into rivers – all while providing superior traction in comparison to salt, sand, kitty litter and other harsh chemicals.

"Throwing down salt in order to melt ice to gain traction is bad for roads, vehicles, bridges, and the environment," said Doug Bonnizzio, the founder of Unstuck. "Whether you are a full-time parent driving a Toyota Prius, a School Bus Driver or a long haul trucker, keeping a bag of Unstuck along with your jumper cables, spare tire and other vehicle safety tools will insure that you are never left stranded when encountering ice and snow on the road."

Specially formulated for traction in the worst of conditions, Unstuck replaces the expensive and long process of calling a tow truck for any vehicle on ice. A standard tow-out for truckers costs roughly $400 and takes about 90 minutes versus using a $21 bag of Unstuck which takes just a couple of minutes saving dollars and wait-time. For passenger cars using a $10 bag of Unstuck saves time, the use of their floor mats, and removes the possibility of destroying nice clothes. In addition Unstuck enables drivers to easily drive out steep driveways and roadways.

For more information and video demos of Unstuck in action, please visit: www.Unstucktruck.com, and http://www.unstucktruck.com/Applications.html respectively.

Pricing and Availability

Unstuck is currently available in cold-weather Midwest and selected East Coast Wal-Mart locations. MSRP for a 12 lb. bag of Unstuck Rescue is $10.88 with a 21 lb. bag of Unstuck Truck available for $21.

About Unstuck LLC

Unstuck was founded in 2011 by Doug Bonnizzio in response to winter weather and the logistical paralysis splattered across the news concerning I-40, I-30, and many other major arteries across America. Unstuck LLC obtained the patent for their flagship traction offering in 2012, with manufacturing processes and facilities perfected in late 2013. Winter 2015-16 marks the first year Unstuck has had the opportunity to obtain and service a large purchase order from a large retailer for large volumes of distribution. For more information on the product, please visit http://www.UnstuckTruck.com.

Contact Information:

Doug Bonnizzio 

Founder, CEO Unstuck LLC 


425 East 10th Street 

North Little Rock, AR 72114