untapt Now Has 20K Technologists Using Its Machine Learning Platform to Find Jobs in FinTech

With membership doubling in the last six months, untapt's digital hiring technology continues to outpace and outperform currently available hiring options.

Feb 26, 2016, 08:00 ET from untapt

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital hiring platform untapt has reached 20,000 members, having doubled their candidate pool since last Fall. Their machine learning technology matches developers with hiring managers in the FinTech and financial services spaces.

Members of untapt have been consistently pleased with its capabilities. "I didn't know about untapt until a few days ago, but I've found the system to be head-and-shoulders above the other employment sites. It makes monster.com look positively antediluvian," says Jonathan Eunice, a developer using the platform.

In addition to the ease-of-use and accuracy of connections, candidates have reported that they appreciate the direct, confidential process untapt offers, as well as the opportunity to avoid middlemen and have more control while they're looking for new roles.

"We plan to keep growing exponentially," exclaims CEO and Co-Founder Ed Donner. "No matter how quickly we scale, our focus is on providing the highest value to each and every member through an incredible user experience. Behind the scenes, more data means the machine learning algorithm gets better and better at predicting the perfect match between candidate and manager."

With a continual focus on making its machine smarter with increased candidate data, hiring managers using untapt benefit greatly from the growing pool of talented engineers beyond just having more technologists to choose from.

Managers are asking to interview 40% of their connected candidates, which is ahead of the industry by a wide margin (it can be as low as 1% for some online job boards). They can also develop a complete candidate shortlist in 48 hours as opposed to the current 1-3 month average.

"Feedback from clients has been really positive," says Geoff Massam, CBO and Co-Founder. "They've been impressed not only with the high quality of our members, but also the ability of our technology to connect them with exactly who they're looking for and making their lives easier. Finding talent is a crucial business function, and we hope to make the experience the best it can be."

untapt is currently expanding its available role types beyond developers, and will fully support all technology roles by spring time, including data scientist and product manager roles. Initially focused on FinTech with a current roster of over 90 clients in the space, untapt will also soon grow to cover technology hiring across broad industry verticals.

untapt is a next generation digital hiring platform for technologists and employers that uses machine intelligence to precisely match candidates with open roles. It's a no brainer solution to one of the biggest business challenges out there. Visit www.untapt.com for more information.

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