Up to 40% off all Gold at IGXE Store

Sep 22, 2011, 09:00 ET from DinoDirect China Limited

HONG KONG, Sept. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- To thank consumers for their support of IGXE.COM (another platform of DinoDirect.com), from 23rd to 29th September, all gold products on IGXE.COM will be discounted by up to 40%.

For the gold consumers, this is unquestionably good news. This promotion activity can be called a huge discounting storm.

IGXE.COM is a big website specializing in selling gold and items of kinds of old and new games. Also, there are many promotion activities for the products on the website. However, this time the activity of up to 40% discount for all products can benefit the website and consumers most. On the one hand, the range of this activity is unprecedented. The wow gold, rift gold, ffxi gil, Star Trek gold and aion kinah and so on are all in the wide range of promotion. On the other hand, the discount is also higher than ever before. The discount of up to 40% is extremely attractive.

"This is a chance to repay the consumers supporting us. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to spread popularity among gamers," said Mr. Vinson, the Marketing Department Manager of IGXE.COM. "This promotion activity is different from every activity before. The rate of discount and the way to promote the products are all new. The scale of this can provide most benefit for players. On the other hand, the big scale has the power to affect the consuming group and bring new consumers to our website. And it's only taking 7 days."

With so many attractive points, high activity is expected. This is a good chance for players to prepare more gold such as eve isk, rift gold in store for game playing in the future. "IGXE.COM is a website filled with kinds of promotional activities to provide the biggest convenience for players. The cheapness in the promotions saves more money for us. This discounting storm for all gold on it must satisfy every consumer. The highest discount of 40% can save more for us. I will buy some guild wars gold and cheap Rs gold for preparation because of the cost-efficient promotion. And I will support IGXE.COM all the time in my game life," one player expressed about his expectations about the activity.

The biggest benefits for players and the scale will achieve the success of this promotion activity and the whole journey of IGXE.COM.

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