Up Your Crafting Ante With The Flick Of A Blowtorch Switch

Bernzomatic and online crafting sensation Crafty Chica inspire makers to use blowtorches to turn crafts into works of art during National Craft Month

Mar 09, 2016, 15:29 ET from Bernzomatic

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In a culture obsessed with all things virtual, who still actually makes things? The answer: 135 million people in the United States (about 57 percent of the population) who proudly label themselves as makers1.  These passionate souls are driven to create things with their very own hands, and the power of fire is poised to fuel their inspiration. 

With crafts and maker culture a national passion on the rise, National Craft Month is the perfect time to try something new. Bernzomatic – the industry leader in handheld blowtorches – is urging crafters to up their game by taking on a project with a blowtorch. From jewelry making to soldering projects, woodworking, enameling and more, a torch opens up the realm of creative possibilities.

Online crafting sensation Kathy Cano-Murillo from CraftyChica.com is a crafting savant. Her widely popular crafting website takes creativity to the next level with colorful projects and ideas – many of which require the transformative properties of fire. In fact, Cano-Murillo has made everything from tree ornaments to s'mores sundaes with her trusty Bernzomatic blowtorch.

"When you use a blowtorch to create, the opportunities are endless," said Cano-Murillo. "My Bernzomatic torch inspires me. To think I was once intimidated by a torch is funny, because now I use it in countless projects that I could never have taken on before, allowing my imagination to run wild! While I will always preach the gospel of glitter, you can without a doubt know that my blowtorch is in my other hand, ready to tackle the next crazy and fun idea that comes my way."

Every crafter needs the right tools in their toolbox. Artists alike love the Bernzomatic ST2200 3-in-1 Micro Torch, a small hand-held torch designed to tackle precise applications with a fine point flame, soldering iron, and hot blower. The Bernzomatic ST500 3-in-1 Micro Torch is another detail torch, with pencil-type grip, that any crafter should have handy. Both torches are perfect for jewelry making including soldering and glass projects; woodworking such as pyrography, engraving and wood patina; metal work like adding a colorful heat patina effect to copper; and even electrical projects including wiring and shrink wrapping. Both torches are compatible with Bernzomatic butane, and feature an instant on/off ignition and continuous run lock for one-handed operation. They are available at major retailers including Home Depot, Lowe's and Amazon.

To inspire artists across the country to get crafting this March, CraftyChica Kathy is pleased to share the following step-by-step blowtorch projects.

Tile Rings
Beautiful ceramic tile that you'd like to wear as a fashion accessory
Bernzomatic ST2200 Micro torch 
Bernzomatic Solder, Flux 
Protective gloves and goggles
Copper tape
Wire cutters, pliers
¼" ring blank strips (or another ring blank)
Ring sizer
Chasing hammer

Break tile into small pieces, then wrap the edges with copper tape. Coat the copper tape with flux. Apply solder to copper tape. Once the iron has some melted solder on it, drag it across the copper tape to make even lines. Do this everywhere you have copper tape. Use a steel block and chasing hammer to add texture to your ring blank, then wrap it around the ring sizer and hammer into a perfect circle. Apply a piece of copper tape around the top of the ring, add flux. Set the tile upside down, add a small piece of solder in the center. Then use a third hand clip to hold the ring in place. Add a couple strips of solder on top, so it will be soldered securely. Using the torch feature, move it around in circles so the piece will heat evenly and all the solder will melt into place. Use a sponge and Penny Brite to polish up your rings!

Soldered Yard Birds
Metal birds (found in most garden areas of stores)
Bernzomatic ST2200 Micro torch 
Bernzomatic Solder, Flux 
Protective gloves and goggles
Craft paint
Decoupage medium
Copper tape

Dust off your birds and then base coat with your preferred color of craft paint. Let dry. Now it's time to add the glitter! In small cup, mix in some decoupage medium and glitter and stir until thoroughly mixed. Brush on a coat over the dried paint on your bird. Let dry and then apply a second coat. This will provide a flake-free glittered effect for your garden birds! Apply the copper tape around all of the edges of the bird. Burnish the edges of the tape to be as flush as possible to the surface. Apply a layer of flux all over the copper tape so the solder will connect. Wearing gloves and goggles, turn on your solder iron by sliding the safety lock down until it clicks and locks in the ignition position. Then press and hold the ignition button. The iron has a little hole at the top, watch for that to turn red from the flame and make sure to point it away from your face. Hold the iron against the wire until it melts. Drag the melted solder that is on the tip of the iron and drag it across the copper tape, nice and smooth. Keep going until all of the copper tape surface is covered. Repeat and do the outside edges and the back as well.

Bernzomatic is committed helping people find their fire, whether it be in their home crafting studio, the kitchen, or even the great outdoors. Find more ideas on how to use a torch in unique ways at www.Bernzomatic.com.

About Kathy Cano-Murillo
In 2001, Kathy launched CraftyChica.com, a wildly popular web site to inspire women to brighten their lives with clever lifestyle ideas. The site began as an online diary about juggling family, a full-time job as a newspaper reporter and a craft designer by night. Now in its 13th year, CraftyChica.com has evolved into a well-rounded lifestyle site that is anchored in DIY and crafts, but also embraces books, shopping, fashion, business, movies, food, travel, beauty, tech, family life and more. Her Crafty Chica product line is carried in Michaels stores every fall season, and she is a former craft columnist for The Arizona Republic and Gannett News Service.

About Bernzomatic
Bernzomatic, a Worthington Industries brand, has been the leader in the blowtorch category since 1876. With a passion for craftsmanship and creation, Bernzomatic believes in providing the right tools and inspiration to take on projects and redefine what you can achieve. Bernzomatic products set the standard in safety, durability and performance, and include handheld torches, fuel cylinders, butane lighters and project accessories that can be used on the job site, in the home and in the hands of those with a desire to create. Find your fire at www.Bernzomatic.com.

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