UPDATE: Dell and Infobird Sign MOU to provide Cloud Computing Solution in China

Jan 08, 2010, 08:30 ET from Beijing Infobird Software Co., Ltd

BEIJING, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- As the new year begins, Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) and Infobird, China's leading "cloud management" system vendor, have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide cloud-based call center solutions to customers in China. The partnership is intended to explore the huge potential of China's cloud computing technology market. The two companies are currently negotiating the more definitive agreements for the cooperation.

At the core of this partnership, the two companies aim to provide cloud computing-based, enterprise-level Internet communication platform services to companies in China. It will leverage Dell's extensive small- and medium- business (SMB) customer base by providing them with a cloud-computing service platform from Infobird that, in turn, helps enhance their client's effective business communication and customer management. Under the partnership, Infobird would provide Qitongbao, an effective cloud computing-based customer management platform with a contact center as its core, to Dell's existing enterprise clients through Dell's powerful direct sales channels, while helping Dell present a new value proposition to its clients via Infobird's platform that can help enterprises reduce operation costs and improve efficiency.

Infobird has successfully launched Qitongbao, a market-tested application based on cloud computing used for contact center operations. The many new innovative functions of Qitongbao, such as call center operations, customer management and sales management, can help companies avoid missing any sales opportunities, improve conversion rates of potential customers, monitor quality of service in real-time and manage advertising effectiveness. Overall, this has unleashed the full potential of cloud computing.

Moses Wu Yi-min, President of Infobird, pointed out that Qitongbao is the starting point of the Infobird-Dell Partnership. Infobird is developing many new cloud-computing tools to help enterprises to better manage their clients while benefiting from cloud computing technologies.

According to Moses Wu, at the initial trial stage of Infobird and Dell's cooperation, Dell's sales people used telesales to promote Qitongbao to several thousand of Dell's existing customers; most of them showed great interest in the product and some of them even bought the software within that month. This satisfying result has inspired both Infobird and Dell to explore further opportunities through their partnership.

Huge market to be tapped into

Qitongbao aims at a growing enterprise market worth billions of RMB. With the software application from Infobird, Dell can provide comprehensive solutions to its SMB customers. For Infobird, Dell's capability to penetrate the SMB market can facilitate rapid distribution of Infobird's products in this market and both parties may benefit from the growing enterprise IT solution market, including B2B, B2C and services.

According to a report from Analysis International, a leading Chinese research firm, China has more than 42 million small and medium enterprises, less than 10% of which are leveraging e-commerce. While at the same time, the number of China's Internet users has reached 380 million, including 87.88 million online shoppers, and online shopping is still growing fast at an annual rate of 38.9%. Therefore, convenient and efficient online shopping will become a preferred option for more people. With the increase in enterprises in adopting e-commerce, as well as the explosion in the online shopping population, more and more SMBs will adopt a business model of "the network channel + enterprise-class Internet communications platform" to reduce costs and to improve efficiency.

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