UpTo Introduces the Calendar of the Future

Layered view of upcoming events adds entirely new dimension to navigating everything that's coming up

Mar 27, 2014, 13:36 ET from UpTo

DETROIT, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- UpTo today launched the first-ever multi-layer mobile calendar.  The multi-layer interface adds an entirely new dimension to navigating one's upcoming schedule. The new UpTo gives users a top-level view of their existing calendar and expands to reveal upcoming events based on a user's location, likes and interests - including sports schedules, TV shows, local concerts, friends events and more.

"Managing what's coming up should be effortless," said Greg Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of UpTo.  "Not just meetings and appointments, but everything - from your favorite sports teams and TV shows to your kid's school schedule.  Until today, these other calendars were scattered on paper, on websites, in apps and in emails, making it impossible to keep it all straight.  UpTo represents the most significant innovation to the calendar in the last 10 years.  We designed UpTo to give users a holistic view of everything coming up, without the clutter—the things you have to do, plus the stuff you want to do."

UpTo's front-layer includes a user's existing calendar, offering a fast and familiar view of upcoming meetings and appointments.  With a pinch or tap, UpTo expands to reveal a back layer of events from calendars a user chooses to follow. Users can select from thousands of public calendars from UpTo's growing content network—from sports teams and TV show schedules to movie and music releases, local concerts, tech events and more. These "back layer" events can be added to the user's calendar with a simple swipe.

Users can also connect privately with friends to share upcoming events to the back layer of a friend's UpTo calendar. Unlike other calendars that are limited to all-or-nothing sharing, UpTo lets you choose individual family members, friends or co-workers to share events with on an event-by-event basis.

UpTo offers automatic two-way sync with any existing Google, iCloud, Exchange, Facebook or other calendar that syncs with the user's phone.  Users syncing multiple calendars can choose which layer each calendar appears on in UpTo. 

Groups and organizations can use UpTo's online platform to publish and manage their own calendar content for others to follow, and simultaneously embed their UpTo calendar into any website to position their events for maximum engagement in front of fans and constituents.

UpTo is available for free for iPhone and coming soon to Android.  To download or learn more about UpTo, visit www.upto.com.

About UpTo
UpTo is the modern calendar that changes the way individuals and organizations plan for, share and interact with the 'future tense'. Featuring a multi-layer mobile calendar, an online calendar publishing platform and seamless integration with Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange and other popular calendar solutions, UpTo shifts the calendar paradigm. With thousands of public calendars that users can follow, UpTo goes beyond 9 to 5 to give users the most complete view of everything coming up that matters, in one spot. Learn more about UpTo at http://upto.com/