UR Mobile Debuts Accelerate™: The Total Mobile Web App Development Solution

Platform Lets Companies Create Branded Apps that Integrate with Internal Business Processes Including eCommerce and Reservation Booking; Supports QR Codes, Social Media & More

Oct 03, 2011, 07:38 ET from UR Mobile

BOSTON, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- BOSTON CONVENTION CENTER / BOOTH 1815B -- UR Mobile, the leader in mobile Web solutions, today unveiled its Accelerate™ mobile Web app development platform at the DMA: 2011 Conference & Exhibition in Boston.  A game-changer for major companies and brands, Accelerate makes it possible to quickly deploy world-class mobile marketing functions compatible with all browser-enabled smartphones including Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia devices, with drag-and-drop simplicity.

"There are three strategic levels of mobile engagement, and the Accelerate platform empowers each of them," said Mike J. Zserdin, Chief Executive Officer of UR Mobile.  "With Accelerate, marketers can create a rich brand presence leveraging all forms of multimedia; incorporate powerful Web marketing tools like QR codes, custom surveys and social media; and integrate with the company's business processes by connecting to its  existing service layer.  Yet Accelerate does all this through an amazingly simple design interface.  It's a total solution for product and service companies as well as ad agencies and marketing firms."

Accelerate not only supports the creation of a Web presence optimized for mobile devices, but also gives users the ability to quickly and easily customize any application to reflect a specific brand personality.  Together, these capabilities make it possible for Accelerate users to easily and cost-effectively create a friction-free mobile channel suitable for any kind of B2B or B2C commerce.

As a complete design and development platform, Accelerate includes an intuitive mobile Web Design Studio, marketing tools, and a Content Management System (CMS).  The Design Studio includes a template editor capable of implementing virtually any design scheme, along with a wide range of customer interactivity through online forms and surveys, Facebook and Twitter account connections, QR codes, and videos or photo slideshows.

Accelerate also makes it possible to align enterprise-level business processes, business logic and corporate services within the mobile channel.  Hotels, restaurants and tourism sites, for example, can deploy their reservations systems using Accelerate, while retailers and B2B marketers can create storefronts with complete eCommerce capabilities.  The result is a commerce presence with all the core functionality of a conventional Web site, but tailored for mobile devices.

Adding to Accelerate's appeal is its cross-platform support.  From a single design environment, ad agencies, design firms and Web developers as well as enterprises themselves can build a mobile Web app that can then be deployed on all of popular smartphones.  The power of Accelerate allows users to create a end-to-end mobile Web solution for clients, customers and constituents in days, instead of weeks.

Gold-Level DMA Sponsor

UR Mobile is a gold-level sponsor of DMA: 2011.  To learn more about UR Mobile and its Accelerate mobile Web app development platform, visit the company's display during DMA: 2011's exhibition dates, October 2-4, at Booth 1815B in the Mobile Pavilion at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Interested advertising agencies, design firms and other potential business partners and resellers can also contact UR Mobile at 1-877-548-8824 or email connect@urmobile.com.

About UR Mobile:

UR Mobile is powering the world's mobile Web presence.  Its pioneering team of software experts is focusing on providing powerful mobile solutions that help enterprises extend their branding, marketing and business processes to their mobile constituents.  UR Mobile's solutions meet the needs of consumer goods marketers, financial services organizations, nonprofits, retail, entertainment, technology, travel and tourism, insurance, government, healthcare and education organizations, among many others.  The company also partners with developers and resellers, software companies and premier advertising agencies and design firms.  Headquartered in Oklahoma City and with offices in Boulder CO; Pretoria, South Africa; and Puebla, Mexico, UR Mobile is privately-held.  To learn more, visit www.urmobile.com.