US and Iran Could Work Together for Peace in the Middle East

Jul 17, 2013, 05:27 ET from World Review

VADUZ, Liechtenstein, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 

The 'Axis of Evil' could soon become the 'Pivot of Peace' as Iran's new 'moderate' leader, Dr Hassan Rouhani prepares to take over its presidency. His inauguration on August 3 2013 as the 11th president of the Islamic Republic could give Europe and the United States an opportunity to consider Iran as an ally in the Middle East.

It will be an opportunity for European nations to revise, and possibly reverse, its diplomatic alliances with the Muslim world, writes World Review author Charles Millon, former French Minister of Defence.

'Dr Rouhani is considered a moderate, a centrist, half-way between conservatives, whose allegiance is to the ayatollahs, and reformists,' says Mr Millon. 'As such, he is seen as the right man for renewing dialogue with a western world that stands close behind Israel.'

'The fact that he has won the election in the first round has also conferred on him a high level of legitimacy in people's and the eyes of Iran's ayatollahs, which should allow him at least a certain time-margin for manoeuvering towards normalising the Persian state's relations with the rest of the globe,' says Mr Millon.

'An unstable axis has developed from Lebanon to Iran under cover of the incoherent wars carried out by the West and Israel in the past decade,' says Mr Millon. 'Iran and the Shiite alliance may be the last remaining safeguard in the powder keg that is the Middle East'.

It is a fact that the West, particularly France, has in recent times placed its bets on an alliance with Sunni oil-monarchies whose alleged lack of respect for human rights have mostly escaped criticism.

'It is now, perhaps, time for Europe's diplomats to understand that this alliance will do more bad than good and that oil-monarchies are a source of discord in the Muslim, Arab and African world,' he says.

'It is therefore worth asking whether it would not be a better strategy for France, Europe and the United States to deal with Iran, to enter into deep-reaching negotiations with its new president Dr Rouhani and to seek to identify a middle course that would exclude belligerent Islamism and jihad.'

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About the author

World Review author Charles Millon is a French politician who served as France's Minister of Defence from 1995 to 1997 in Alain Juppe's government and French Ambassador to the United Nations from 2003 to 2007.


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