US and Israeli Technology Company, RedZone Map™ Seizes First Mover Advantage for GPS-Driven Live Crime Map Offering Safer Travels With a Social Twist "Because You Matter"

Dec 04, 2015, 08:30 ET from Zone Technologies, Inc.

MIAMI, Dec. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Zone Technologies, Inc. announced today it has launched a beta version of its free RedZone Map app on Apple's iOS platform for iPhones and iPads. The technology is the first of its kind to combine proprietary Geo-fencing technology with live crowdsourcing throughout the United States as well as Israel, with plans to take the program international.

The map consolidates crime data from Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as over 1,400 data sources, initiating not only a tremendously advanced step up the technological ladder, but additionally combining crowdsourcing, as individuals around the nation will be able to post incidents and crimes as they see them happening with pins and live video upload.

Ted Farnsworth, the company's founder and visionary, said, "We see this as not only a great benefit for individuals in their local communities spearheading safety around the world, but also as a very beneficial tool helping law enforcement to work with the community – a super-tech twist, if you will, on the tried and true Crime Watch initiative. As I sat helplessly watching the terrorist incidents in Paris unfold, and knowing full well that our technology was ready, it became clear to me that we had to launch now."

And the company's slogan, "Because You Matter", reinforces their resolve. Mr. Farnsworth continued, "Road travel and commuting are an integral part of our everyday lives, and, sadly, the world is full of too many unknowns. If RedZone can alleviate just one incident, we figure we've accomplished a crucial goal."

Highlights from the new technology include:

The first of its kind, RedZone uses Geo-fencing to surround high crime areas, or "red zones", and, when used for navigation, the proprietary software is able to reroute the user around these potentially dangerous areas, giving verbal warnings when driving five miles outside of a RedZone, and warning when you are about to enter a RedZone.

With the "view crime" button, you can see crimes in any area of the country for the last six months, including shootings, assaults and thefts. You can click on those pins and see the dates of the incidents, with a red beacon showing crimes committed in the last 60 days.

Individuals are able to report crimes or events that are happening live with the Geo-tagging technology, uploading video as well as texting and chatting, to warn the rest of the crowd. Additionally, you can also see and post live traffic flow and report traffic jams, accidents, police involvements, road closings and hazards. Using the proprietary software, you can anonymously drop a pin or upload a video anywhere in the country to post a crime or other pertinent information for all to see. And there's a fun side to this serious endeavor with Zoners racking up points and winning trophies for their participation.

The free RedZone beta version can be found in Apple's iTunes Store: Search RedZone Map at or copy this link to your phone

About Zone Technologies, Inc.

Zone Technologies, Inc. is a state-of-the-art technology company that creates advanced, proprietary software, the scope of which involves new and exciting high-tech themes. But more than that, with our mantra, "Because You Matter", our proprietary technology embraces a mission to provide consumers with the best possible information as it relates to helping to keep them safer and foster a more secure world. Our premier application, RedZone Map™, combines up-to-date crime information, GPS safe route navigation away from potentially high crime areas and fun Zoner social media interface, with Zoners racking up points and winning trophies for their participation. Learn more about us at Download the free application from the iTunes Store,, search RedZone Map or copy this link to your phone

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