US Animal Health Chemicals Market

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US Animal Health Chemicals Market

US demand to approach $13 billion in 2016

US demand for animal health products is expected to rise 3.9 percent annually to almost $13 billion in 2016. Gains in all product segments will be at least incrementally improved from those during the recession-impacted 2006-2011 period.

Preventive care will remain a driving factor in sales of animal health products as owners of commercial and companion animals alike recognize the need to maintain good health conditions for their animals. Commercial animals, including livestock and poultry, are largely intended to enter the human food chain, making prevention and eradication of disease a vital ongoing concern for both animal and human health. Furthermore, as pet owners increasingly treat their companion animals as members of the family, pets' lifespans will continue to lengthen, driving strong sales of health products.

Nutritional chemicals to see largest product gains The large nutritional chemical product segment will account for over two-fifths of the growth seen during the forecast period. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other products comprising nutritional chemical demand will remain vital as feed additives and dietary supplements. Consumer interest in natural products will continue to favorably impact the nutritional chemical segment as products such as herbs, amino acids, and other ingredients with a "more natural" profile are used to replace antibiotics in animal feed. Banning of meat and bonemeal in livestock feed will aid demand for nutritional chemicals as alternative ingredients. For companion and other animals, quality of life concerns will continue to support demand for nutritional chemicals used in pet food and in supplements. Preventive health care will also continue to solidify its importance in animal husbandry and pet ownership, as products including parasiticides and vaccines see ongoing solid gains in demand. Among other animal health products, diagnostics will see above average increases in demand. Primary purchasers of animal health products include animal food manufacturers, farms, veterinarians, and households, with other entities also involved in purchase. Animal food manufacturers will continue to lead sales of health products, seeing steady gains through 2016. Use in animal feed will remain dominant due to the sheer size of the US livestock and poultry population, while pet food use will continue to see faster growth as pet owners demand superior quality food for their animals. Companion animal sales to register fastest growth By animal, livestock and poultry will continue to account for the dominant share of animal health product sales through 2016. However, companion animal applications will remain the fastest growing and will continue to increase their share of demand. Ownership trends favoring higher spending on pet health -- such as on preventive products including parasiticides, and on food and supplements featuring nutritional chemical content -- on dogs, cats, and other pets will encourage ongoing above average sales gains. Smaller uses, in animals such as horses, account for the rest of animal health demand and will effectively remain a niche market. Study coverage Details on these and other findings are available in Animal Health Products, an upcoming Freedonia industry study priced at $5100. It presents historical demand data (2001, 2006 and 2011) plus forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by animal health product, market, and animal. The study also assesses market environment factors, evaluates company market share, and profiles 27 US industry competitors such as Bayer, Merck, Merial, Novartis, and Pfizer. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION xI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4

General 4Macroeconomic Outlook 4Demographic Outlook 8Consumer Spending Outlook 11Agriculture Outlook 14Domestic Animal Population Outlook 18Livestock & Poultry Population 20Companion Animal Population 23Animal Food Outlook 29Animal Feed 30Pet Food 32Animal Health Services Outlook 34Pet Insurance Outlook 36Environmental & Regulatory Considerations 39Center for Veterinary Medicine 40United States Department of Agriculture 44Environmental Protection Agency 47Antibiotic Resistance 49Other Animal Health Regulatory Issues 50International Activity 54US Foreign Trade 57


General 59Nutritional Chemicals 62Amino Acids 65Methionine 67Lysine 69Threonine 70Tryptophan & Other Amino Acids 70Vitamins 72Minerals 74Phosphates 75Trace Minerals 76Other Minerals 77Enzymes 78Other Nutritional Chemicals 80Parasiticides 83Companion Animals 85Livestock, Poultry, & Other Animals 90Vaccines 92Livestock & Poultry 94Companion & Other Animals 96Systemic Agents 99Musculoskeletal System Agents 101Endocrine/Reproductive System Agents 105Central Nervous System Agents 107Gastrointestinal System Agents 110Other Systemic Agents 113Growth Promotants 116Growth Promoting Hormones 118Recombinant Growth Hormones 119Other Hormones 119Growth Promoting Antibiotics 120Other Growth Promotants 122Therapeutic Antibiotics 124Diagnostics 128Disinfectants & Antifungal Agents 131Other Animal Health Products 134


General 139Animal Food Manufacturers 141Animal Feed 142Pet Food 145Farms 147Veterinarians 150Households 153Other End Users 156


General 160Livestock & Poultry 162Cattle & Calves 164Poultry 167Hogs & Pigs 170Sheep & Lambs 173Other Livestock 175Companion Animals 177Dogs 179Cats 183Other Companion Animals 186Other Animals 187


General 190Market Share 192Acquisitions & Divestitures 196Competitive Strategies 200Research & Development 202Cooperative Agreements 204Manufacturing 206Marketing 209Distribution 211Company Profiles 214Abbott Laboratories 215ADER Enterprises Incorporated 217Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, see Church & DwightBayer AG 218Beefeaters Holding Company Incorporated 221Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH 224Central Garden & Pet Company 227Ceva Sante Animale 232Church & Dwight Company Incorporated 235Colgate-Palmolive Company 236Diamond Animal Health, see HeskaDSM Nutritional Products, see Royal DSMEcolab Incorporated 239Elanco Animal Health, see Lilly (Eli)Evonik Industries AG 241Farnam Companies, see Central Garden & PetHartz Mountain, see SumitomoHeska Corporation 243Hill's Pet Nutrition, see Colgate-PalmoliveIDEXX Laboratories Incorporated 246Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, see MerckKent Marine, see Central Garden & PetLilly (Eli) and Company 249Mars Incorporated 251Merck & Company Incorporated 254Merial, see SanofiNatura Pet Products, see Procter & GambleNestlé SA 261Novartis AG 263Nutri-Vet, see BeefeatersPBI/Gordon Corporation 266Pegasus Laboratories, see PBI/GordonPerrigo Company 269PetAg Incorporated 272Pfizer Incorporated 274PRN Pharmaceutical, see PBI/GordonProcter & Gamble Company 278Royal Canin USA, see MarsRoyal DSM NV 280Sanofi 282Sergeant's Pet Care Products, see PerrigoSpectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated 286Sumitomo Corporation 290Summit Vet Pharm, see Ceva Santa AnimaleSynbiotics, see PfizerTrophy Animal Health Care, see PBI/GordonUnited Pet Group, see Spectrum BrandsVCA Antech Incorporated 293Velcera, see PerrigoVetech Laboratories, see Ceva Sante AnimaleVirbac SA 294Wellmark International, see Central Garden & PetZilla Products, see Central Garden & Pet SupplyAdditional Companies in the Study 298


Summary Table 3


1 Macroeconomic Indicators 72 Population & Households 113 Personal Consumption Expenditures 144 Agricultural Indicators 185 Domestic Animal Population 196 Livestock & Poultry Population 227 Companion Animal Population 288 Animal Food Supply & Demand 309 Animal Feed Supply & Demand 3210 Pet Food Supply & Demand 3411 Animal Health Services 3612 Pet Insurance Revenues 3913 US Animal Health Product Foreign Trade 58


1 Animal Health Product Demand 612 Nutritional Chemical Demand by Type & Animal 643 Animal Health Amino Acid Demand 674 Animal Health Vitamin Demand 735 Animal Health Mineral Demand 756 Animal Health Enzyme Demand 807 Other Animal Health Nutritional Chemical Demand 838 Parasiticide Demand 859 Companion Animal Parasiticide Demand 9010 Livestock, Poultry, & Other Animal Parasiticide Demand 9211 Animal Vaccine Demand 9412 Livestock & Poultry Vaccine Demand 9613 Companion & Other Animal Vaccine Demand 9814 Animal Health Systemic Agent Demand by Type & Animal 10015 Musculoskeletal Systemic Agent Demand 10416 Endocrine/Reproductive Systemic Agent Demand 10717 Central Nervous System Agent Demand 11018 Gastrointestinal System Agent Demand 11319 Other Systemic Agent Demand 11620 Animal Health Growth Promotant Demand by Type & Animal 11721 Growth Promoting Hormone Demand 11822 Growth Promoting Antibiotic Demand 12223 Other Growth Promotant Demand 12424 Therapeutic Antibiotic Demand 12825 Animal Health Diagnostics Demand by Type & Animal 13126 Animal Health Disinfectant & Antifungal Agent Demand 13427 Other Animal Health Product Demand 138


1 Animal Health Product Demand by End User 1402 Animal Food Manufacturer Demand for Animal Health Products by Use & Product 1423 Animal Feed Manufacturer Demand for Animal Health Products 1454 Pet Food Manufacturer Demand for Animal Health Products 1475 Farm Demand for Animal Health Products 1506 Veterinarian Demand for Animal Health Products 1537 Household Demand for Animal Health Products 1568 Other End User Demand for Animal Health Products 159


1 Animal Health Product Demand by Animal 1612 Livestock & Poultry Demand for Animal Health Products by Animal & Product 1633 Cattle & Calves Demand for Animal Health Products 1674 Poultry Demand for Animal Health Products 1705 Hogs & Pigs Demand for Animal Health Products 1736 Sheep & Lambs Demand for Animal Health Products 1757 Other Livestock Demand for Animal Health Products 1768 Companion Animals Demand for Animal Health Products by Animal & Product 1789 Dogs Demand for Animal Health Products 18210 Cats Demand for Animal Health Products 18511 Other Companion Animals Demand for Animal Health Products 18712 Other Animal Demand for Animal Health Products by Animal & Product 189


1 US Animal Health Product Sales by Company, 2011 1912 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 1993 Selected Cooperative Agreements 206


1 Livestock & Poultry Population by Type, 2011 232 Companion Animal Population by Type, 2011 293 World Animal Health Product Demand by Region, 2011 56


1 Animal Health Product Demand by Type, 2011 622 Nutritional Chemical Demand by Type, 2011 653 Systemic Agent Demand by Type, 2011 101


1 Animal Health Product Demand by End User, 2011 140


1 Animal Health Product Demand by Animal, 2011 1612 Livestock & Poultry Demand for Animal Health Products by Animal, 2011 1643 Companion Animal Demand for Animal Health Products by Animal, 2011 179


1 US Animal Health Product Market Share, 2011 192

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