US Co. LinktoEXPERT and World-Markets Form Strategic Partnership

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SAFETY HARBOR, Florida and LONDON, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

World-Markets deploys Innovative Global Business Solutions for USA Companies

Take a premier interactive marketing platform for professionals to broadcast their achievements and solutions to the world in minutes, including the potential to be found on page one of search engines globally and you have a winning combination. Add to this the low cost of entry to the World Markets platform through LinktoEXPERT and you have an unbeatable global marketing solution that allows businesses to run much more efficiently, reducing costs and freeing up valuable time and resources. Globalization of services is now the best way for companies to achieve strong, sustained growth. Access to global marketing has been out of reach to all but the largest players until now. With the World Markets and LinktoEXPERT alliance - that is no longer the case.

LinktoEXPERT's advanced search engine that connects businesses to professional service experts. Experts are encouraged to utilize World Markets personalized fully content managed SEO'd Micro-site page with images, video, 400 words of text, full contact information and social media links.

LinktoEXPERT gives businesses the opportunity to elevate their status in the marketplace by leveraging the education, experience and contacts of business experts. Results? Yes - their innovative ideas materialize quickly and easily. Through this partnership, entrepreneurial executives (anyone with an idea they want to bring to life) can easily find other experts to collaborate with and create solutions.

Joanne Weiland, founder of LinktoEXPERT states that, "This alliance with World-Markets will provide a unique and extraordinary resource for executives and entrepreneurs to hire and assemble their dream team in minutes from anywhere at anytime, a daunting process that traditionally takes months to accomplish.  This is the secret to success: implementing your ideas with ease. Imagine the possibilities!"

Trevor Lott, World-Markets (WMKTS) VP Global Sales & Marketing & Co-founder said, "The platform gives companies of all sizes around the globe the ability to market their products and services on a level playing field, for only 240. Dollars, Euros or Pounds for 12 months, membership companies can build their own micro-site page, embedding video or graphics as well as promoting their presence through an SEO'd news section and a full social media portfolio. Over the last 24 months we have seen 95% of clients listing with us achieve a page one Google presence from their World Markets' activities and the platform plans to continue building a strong authoritative presence on the web as we add new channel features and business synergies. The platform has extensive representation across all the emerging economies and has a strong and rapidly expanding network of country managers across Asia, Eastern Europe, China and South America. If your business is looking to international markets for new clients and sales growth, the LinktoEXPERT/World-Markets offer is a game-changer".  

Both Lott and Weiland agree that finding experts fast can transform companies into profitable enterprises. World Markets' premier search engine optimization, combined with LinktoEXPERT's turnkey interactive marketing solution and automated wealth system, will provide professional service experts with the logistics to create, sell and manage the products and services needed to thrive.

About LinktoEXPERT

Launched in 2007, LinktoEXPERT is the respected source for executives and project managers to implement ideas and to be the first to market. LinktoEXPERT offers professionals their own Web 2.0 presence in a state-of-the-art online portal ready to move in immediately and begin showcasing their unique solutions frequently and consistently to decision makers by spending less than 5 minutes per week. Experts join LinktoEXPERT to collaborate with others to create joint ventures which elevates their status globally.

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About World-Markets

Launched in 2011, the World-Markets (WMKTS) platform offers companies a cost-effective solution to marketing their products and services in the global marketplace. Headquartered in the UK, with an expanding network of country managers across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe, World-Markets.Biz has built a strong following and growing membership across all the geographies in the last two years.

Platform membership gives customers access to a content managed micro-site page which they populate with content (graphics/video/text), a news portal, banner advertising, a multi-site social media presence and a network of "on the ground" local business experts. The site's authoritative content and scope has seen very good search results returned in the search engines for their clients across the globe which is very encouraging.

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Joanne Weiland
Founder, LinktoEXPERT

Trevor G. Lott
VP Global: Sales & Marketing, Co-Founder, World Markets

Gerald Elliott
CEO & Co-Founder, World Markets