U.S. HLS & Public Safety Products and Services Market Annual Investments to Reach $81 Billion by 2020

Jan 22, 2013, 08:15 ET from RnRMarketResearch

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RnR Market Research adds "U.S. Homeland Security & Public Safety Market - 2013-2020" report to its store.

The report illustrates that annual investments in HLS and Public Safety products and services (excluding: HLD post-warranty revenues) purchased by the U.S. Federal agencies and private sector increased from  $48 Billion in 2011 to $51 billion in 2012 and is forecasted to increase to  $81 billion by 2020. The total U.S. HLS, HLD, HLS related Counter-terror & Public Safety Markets (including post-warranty maintenance and upgrades revenues) grow from $74.5 billion in 2012 to $107.3 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 4.7%. Unlike most other government sectors, the 2013-2020 federal, state and local government funding for HLS & Public Safety will grow over the next eight years at a CAGR of 4-5%. This growth, the report "U.S. Homeland Security & Public Safety Market - 2013-2020" says, is driven by a solid bipartisan congressional support. Technology advances and better performance drive demand for upgrade of legacy systems and the DHS has a key role in the industry, but it does not dominate the market. DHS controls only a fraction of the total HLS, HLD and Public Security market. The "State & Local" HLS market is larger than the DHS market. This market (i.e., 50 states and over 30.000 counties and cities) represents 23% of the total HLS, HLD and public safety business opportunities. The U.S. federal agencies possess the most advanced HLS-HLD technologies in the world. However, due to their age and legacy architectures, they believe that the time has come for major transformations. Aviation security, representing only 4% of the HLS, HLD and public safety market, is an important sector. However, it is much smaller than other industry sectors (e.g. critical infrastructure security, first responders).

This research report is the most comprehensive review of the U.S. Homeland security and public safety market available today. Homeland Security Research Corp. provides the only detailed and reasoned roadmap of this complex market. The report includes both the Homeland Security as well as the Public Safety markets since, in many cases products have dual-use applications and present the same business opportunities. For example, the Bio terror mitigation infrastructure is also used to contain pandemic disease outbreaks and first responders command control and communication systems, are used to respond to both manmade disasters like terror events and natural disasters like floods and earthquakes (public safety).

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The market report is granulated into more than 88 sub-markets detailed as below.

  • Mass Transportation Security Market
  • 27 States HLS & Public Safety Markets
  • HLS-Related Cyber Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security Market
  • Safe Cities Market
  • Natural Disasters Rescue & Recovery Market
  • Aviation Security Market
  • CBRN Terror, Hazmat & Disease Outbreak Mitigation Market
  • Maritime Security Market
  • Maintenance, Upgrade & Refurbishment Market
  • Public Events Security Market
  • Maritime Security Market
  • First Responders Market
  • Land Border Security Market
  • Counter Terror Intelligence Market
  • Homeland Defense Market

Federal HLS and HLD Markets:

  • Analyzes HLS activities, funding and markets of more than 35 federal departments and agencies (e.g. TSA, CBP, DNDO, DOD DOJ,  DOA, CDC)
  • Analyzes the Homeland Defense (HLD) funding and markets of the DOD and DOE, including dozens of programs and business opportunities
  • Analyzes the intelligence community counter-terror activities including funding and market estimates

State and Local HLS Markets:

  • State and locally funded HLS budgets and markets in 50 states, including counties & cities
  • State-by-state markets by procurement authority in the 27 largest states
  • Contact details for local HLS market information hubs
  • Detailed information, analysis and market data of federally-funded state and local HLS grants

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