US Investors Look to Sell in May and Go away As Markets Reach Highs - Small Cap Focus Ahead of the Summer Months:

AMR Corporation, Harbor Island Development, Goff Corporation, Fannie Mae, Lot 78, Inc., Cereplast, Inc.

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Investors and traders on Wall Street have one eye on the calendar as we approach the dreaded time of year where people are either looking to go to a cash or defensive position, or even get short this market with the recent run up and growth concerns.

Harbor Island Development traded heavily to close yesterday and was only lower by 9.5%, this is the second day in a row shares have been lower, however bear in mind that shares in the stock were higher by more than 200% in the previous day's trading.  Harbor Island has had positive news and judging from some of the articles out there this stock is anticipated to go much higher. We sent an email out identifying the increased volume in the stock earlier this week, and shares are higher by 150% since the press release.  It is our belief that the volume and price will increase in shares of Harbor Island Corporation over the coming weeks as the hype increases.

Shares in Goff Corporation have been heavily traded for a number of weeks now and the volume was lighter to close once again yesterday.  The volume was less than $2 million which is considerably lower than we have seen recently, and the shares were lower by 8.7%.  It does seem at this point that any potential trading upside will be tough from this point on in shares of GOFF Corporation.

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Cereplast, Inc. was another top price performer on in the small cap markets ahead of the open this morning.  Shares of Cereplast were higher by an impressive 62% on over $2.2 million traded on in an active day for the stock.

AMR Corp was once again the heaviest traded stock on the entire OTC market having traded an astonishing $30 million to close yesterday's session.  This volume however was half that of the previous days trading and the stock was also lower, leading us to believe that the speculation may be gone form this trade with the upcoming merger with US Airways seemingly set.

Fannie Mae moved slightly to the downside once more in trading yesterday as we looked at the possibility of the stock surpassing the $1.00 mark once again. Remember we first started covering Fannie Mae at 0.30 cents before it went to $1.50, on the second time around we have been covering since 0.50 cents and has moved almost 100% in around 2 weeks.  The stock is currently around the 0.80 cent mark and we will keep an eye on the decreased volume which yesterday was around the $10 million with the stock trading higher by 2.3% on the trading day.

LOT 78, Inc. came on to the trading radar yesterday after being one of the only stocks on the OTCQB market to close higher on the day.  We will see if the stock can hold up today after trading just over $1 million and closing higher by 21% in Wednesday's session.

Recently we have seen bankrupt companies like AMR Corp, Eastman Kodak, Fannie Mae, and GOFF Corp deliver profits from distressed levels that have been substantial for our readers, it just goes to show you that there are plenty of profits to made by trading the OTC market if you are a prudent investor, or you're a member of our free service

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