U.S. Patent issued for AdVantage Networks' Groundbreaking Online Advertising Technology

New AdVantage Monetization Platform (AMP) Creates a More Equitable, Effective Internet Advertising Environment

Aug 13, 2012, 09:00 ET from AdVantage Networks

GLENDALE, Calif., Aug. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- AdVantage Networks (ADVN), a leading digital advertising technology provider, has secured a patent for the innovation driving its AdVantage Monetization Platform (AMP).  The United States patent number 8,234,275 has been issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark's Office recognizing new "methods and systems for searching, selecting, and displaying content."  ADVN's intellectual property powers AMP's ability to place targeted advertisements in existing ad spaces or in benign locations on the screen – all without affecting the user experience. 

ADVN's patented technology platform also helps to reduce disparities in revenue within the current online advertising model.  ADVN helps to channel ad revenue to all of the players in the ecosystem (including network providers, hotels, schools, private businesses, etc.) who make it possible for users to connect to the Internet.  In the process, ADVN's solution also creates a trusted online advertising marketplace for advertisers to more efficiently and effectively buy inventory.

"This patent is further testament to the fact that ADVN is approaching the Internet advertising model in a unique way and will truly help provide more value to all stakeholders in the online advertising ecosystem," said David Grant, CEO, AdVantage Networks.  "The elegance of our solution is that we are changing online advertising without ever affecting the user's experience and, arguably, delivering a better, more targeted and valuable experience for users, advertisers and network providers."

ADVN's solutions are available immediately for implementation. To learn more about the ground breaking technology and the solutions it is driving in internet advertising, please visit: www.ADVN.com.

About AdVantage Networks

AdVantage Networks delivers a digital advertising technology and business model designed to correct the current disparity in the sharing of digital advertising revenue. Network Providers, who deliver Internet access, can now share in the ad revenue created on the backs of their networks. Moreover, advertisers benefit from unrivaled access to ad inventory on the web's premier sites, increasing reach with more efficiency and overall effectiveness.  The seamless implementation does not affect the user experience, but simply places targeted advertisements in the existing ad spaces.  Furthermore, AdVantage Networks focuses on maintaining the integrity of the user's privacy and safety and even offering an option for a user to opt-out of (the session-only) service at any time.

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