US Prefabricated Housing Industry

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US Prefabricated Housing Industry

This report analyzes the US market for Prefabricated Housing in Units by the following Product Segments: Manufactured/Mobile Housing, Modular Housing, Precut Housing, and Panelized Housing. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for this market.

The report profiles 203 companies including many key and niche players such as American Ingenuity, Inc., American Homestar Corporation, Cavco Industries, Inc., Palm Harbor Homes, Champion Home Builders, Inc., Clayton Homes, Inc., Commodore Corp, Deltec Homes, Inc., Endeavor Homes, Gastineau Log Homes, Innovative Building Systems, Inc., All American Group LLC, Excel Homes Group LLC, Lindal Cedar Homes, Inc., Muncy Homes, Inc., New Panel Homes, Inc., Pacific Modern Homes, Inc., Pleasant Valley Homes, Inc., Professional Building Systems, Inc., Ritz-Craft Corporation, Inc., Signature Building Systems, Inc., Skyline Homes., Southland Log Homes, and Wisconsin Log Homes, Inc.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
Disclaimers I-2
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
Product Definition and Scope of Study I-3
Manufactured/Mobile Housing I-3
Single-section and Multi-section Manufactured Housing I-3
Modular Housing I-4
Pre-Cut Housing I-4
Panelized Housing I-4


Curtain Raiser to the US Prefabricated Housing Market II-1
Manufactured Housing II-1
Modular Systems II-2
Precut Homes II-2
Panelized Homes II-3
Current & Future Analysis II-3
Analysis by Segment II-3
Manufactured Housing II-3
Modular Housing II-4
Pre-cut Homes II-4
Panelized Housing II-4
Impact of Subprime Crisis and Economic Recession on
Prefabricated Housing Segments II-4
Manufactured Housing II-4
Post-Recession Scenario II-6
Modular and Panelized Housing II-6

Quick Facts II-8
Cyclical Fluctuations in Sales Volumes II-8
Table 1: Seasonal Cyclicality of US Manufactured Housing
Market: Breakdown of Unit Production and Shipment Volumes by
Month for Year 2011 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-9
Snapshot of Industry Structure II-10
Table 2: Overview of Manufactured Housing Companies and
Active Production Plants in US Market (1982, 1992, 2002 and
2012) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10
Demand Determinants for Manufactured Housing II-11
Population II-11
Demographic Dynamics II-11
Table 3: US Manufactured Housing Ownership by Location
(2012): Percentage Breakdown of Housing Units for Rural,
Semi-urban and Urban Areas (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-11

Table 4: US Manufactured House Ownership by Age (2012):
Percentage Breakdown for Age Categories - Less than 30,
30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70 and Above (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-12

Table 5: US Manufactured House Ownership by Household Income
(2012): Percentage Breakdown of Purchasing Pattern by Income
Categories in US$- Below 10,000, 10000-20,000, 21000-30,000,
31000-40,000, 41,000-50,000, and Over 51,000 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-12
Cost Imperatives II-13
Market Drivers and Barriers for Prefabrication Industry in US II-13
Drivers II-13
Barriers II-13

Manufactured Housing Industry Braces for Demand Revival II-14
Diverse Regional Dynamics Define MH Demand II-14
Table 6: US Manufactured Homes Shipment by Region (2012):
Percentage Breakdown of Unit Volumes for West South Central,
South Atlantic, East South Central, West North Central,
Mountain, East North Central, Middle Atlantic, Pacific and
New England (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15

Table 7: US Manufactured Homes Market (2012 1Q Vs. 2011 1Q):
Annual Unit Shipment Breakdown by Regions - West South
Central, South Atlantic, East South Central, Mountain, East
North Central, West North Central, Pacific, Middle Atlantic
and New England (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15
Sector Recovery Bogged Down by Weak Government Support II-16
Bay Area, a High-Potential Zone for Manufactured Homes II-16
Manufactured Housing Mired in Misconceptions II-16
Financing Remains a Bottleneck for the Manufactured Housing
Market II-17
Secondary Market Critical for Growth of Prefab Housing Market II-18
Prefabricated Housing Offers Respite from Energy Crisis II-19
Single-Section Units Take Precedence Over Multi-Section
Housing II-19
Table 8: Price Comparison Between Manufactured and Site-built
Homes (2010 & 2011): Breakdown of Price Per Square Foot in
US$ by Types - New Manufactured Housing (Single-Section and
Multi-section) and Single-Family Site-built Housing (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-20
Manufactured Home Communities Regain Lost Ground II-20
Table 9: Residential Manufactured Housing Market (2011 &
2012): Percentage Breakdown of New Housing Units by Property
Type - Manufactured Housing Communities and Private Real
Estate (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-21

Table 10: Top 15 States with Largest Number of Manufacturing
Housing Communities (2012): Percentage Breakdown for
California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, Alabama,
Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Oregon and Others (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-22
Prefabricated Houses Offer a Formidable Solution for Emergency
Housing II-23
Green Panelized Housing Finds More Takers II-23
Strong Demand Forecast for Modular Housing II-24
Table 11: US Modular Housing Market by Leading Players
(2011): Percentage Breakdown of Shipments for Clayton Homes,
Champion Enterprises, Commodore Corporation, Cavco Homes,
Ritz-Craft Corporation, Muncy Homes, All America Homes,
Professional Building Systems, and Signature Homes (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-25
Modular Housing - A Potent Stop-gap for the Housing Shortage II-26
Modular Housing Remains Trapped in Niche II-26
Prefab Housing Sector to Recoup Faster During Housing Market
Recovery II-26
Log Home Producers Head for International Markets II-27
Positive Indicators to Make Dream Log Home a Reality II-27
Prefab Housing Manufacturers Keenly Eye Baby Boomer Market II-28
Structural Insulated Panels Gains Immense Popularity II-28
Panel Manufacturers Gearing for Turnaround II-29
Table 12: US Structural Panel Production (2013, 2015 & 2018):
Breakdown of Volumes in Billion Square Feet for Plywood and
Oriented Strand Board (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-30

Table 13: US Residential Housing Market Demand for Structural
Panel Production (2013, 2015, 2018): Breakdown of Volumes in
Billion Square Feet for Plywood and Oriented Strand Board
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-31

US Economy Totters Along Rocky Path to Recovery II-32
Positive Signs Emanate from Housing Market II-32
The Way Forward II-33
Table 14: US New Housing Starts (2013, 2015 & 2018):
Breakdown of New Home Production in Number of Units for
Single-family and Multi-family Homes (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-33
Threat of Fiscal Cliff and Eurozone Crisis Looms Over
Construction Industry II-33
Delinquencies and Foreclosures Rates to Stabilize II-34
Key Policy Actions in Housing Market to Boost US Economy II-35

Prefabricated Housing II-36
Manufactured or Mobile Housing Systems II-36
Evolution from Mobile Homes II-36
Construction and Installation II-36
Affordability and Convenience - the USP II-37
High Performance Housing- the Next Phase II-37
Leading High Performance Housing Market by Design and
Average Prices II-37
US Regulatory Stipulations II-38
The HUD Code II-38
Other Regulations II-39
Manufactured Housing Finance II-39
Chattel Loan II-39
Modular Housing Systems II-40
Designs and Features II-40
Regulatory Overview II-40
Setting Up a Modular House II-41
Evolutionary Perspective II-41
Major Modular Home Styles II-42
Cape Cod II-42
Ranch II-42
Two Story II-42
Hybrid Manufactured-Modular Homes II-42
Advantages of Modular Homes II-42
Lower Costs II-42
Good Build Quality II-43
Faster Delivery II-43
Involvement of Skilled Builders II-43
Involvement of Fewer Subcontractors II-43
Fewer Manufacturing Defects II-43
Same Benefits as Site-built homes II-43
FHA Insurance for Modular Homes II-44
Precut Prefabricated Housing Systems II-44
Pros and Cons of Pre-cut Housing II-44
Types of Pre-cut Housing II-45
Kit Homes II-45
Log Homes II-46
Log Home Ecosystem II-46
Manufacturers II-46
Representatives and Dealers II-47
Contractor or Builder II-47
Types of Log Homes and Timber Homes II-47
Handcrafted Log Homes II-47
Milled Log Homes II-48
Types of Log Used II-48
Green and Dried Logs II-48
Air-dried logs II-48
Kiln-dried logs II-48
Cants Logs/ Glue-laminated Timber II-49
Milled Logs Profiles II-49
Evolution of Log Homes II-49
Benefits of Log Homes II-50
Appraising Log Homes II-50
Post-and-beam or Timber Frame Homes II-50
Popular Timber Frame Architectural Styles II-51
Yurts II-52
Geodesic Homes II-52
Benefits of Geodesic Dome Homes II-53
Panelized Housing Systems II-53
Types of Prefabricated Panel Systems II-54
Wood Frames II-54
Open Sheathed Panels II-54
Structural Sandwich Panels II-55
Unsheathed Structural Panels II-55
Metal Frames II-55
Precast-Concrete Frames II-56
Fiberglass Skins II-56
Pros and Cons of Panelized Housing System II-56
Design Flexibility II-56
Cost and Time Savings II-57
High Quality of Construction II-57
Eco-friendly Construction II-57
Cons II-57

Landmark Home and Land Company Unveils New Panelized Home Kit II-58
Deltec Homes and Appalachian State University Unveil The Solar
Homestead II-58
Method Homes and Skylab Architecture Unveil Homb II-58
Cavco Industries and LivingHomes Jointly Unveil C6 Modular
Homes II-59
Method Homes Unveils Cottage Series Homes II-59
PrecisionCraft Releases Cedar Bluff Design II-59
PrecisionCraft Unveils Creekside Timber Frame House Design II-60
Deltec Introduces Zero Energy Home Designs II-60
Champion Home Builders Unveils Internet Based Retailer Sales
Tool II-60
Excel Homes Introduces American Lifestyles Series of New Homes II-60
Mod-U-Kraf Unveils Hometown Series II-61
PrecisionCraft Introduces Huntington Log Houses II-61
Marmol Radziner Prefab Introduces Locomo Modular Houses II-61
Champion Enterprises Launches New GO Houses II-61
Westchester Modular Launches American Eagle Homes Series II-62
HybridCore Homes Introduces Energy-Efficient Building System II-62
Champion Enterprises Introduces NAHB Compliant Eco Friendly
Houses II-63

Champion Home Builders Acquires Athens Park Homes II-64
Blu Homes Purchases Assets of Modern Cabana II-64
Pro-Fab Acquires Guildcrest Building Corporation II-64
Log Cabin Homes Completes Acquisition of Cedar Log Producer II-64
Big Foot Manufacturing Merges with CNW Log Homes II-65
Connect:Homes Commences Operations II-65
Innovative Composites International Commences Production at
South Carolina Facility II-65
Ritz-Craft Corporation Forays into Canadian Market II-65
GDH Housing Selects Ritz-Craft for Hotel Project at Williston II-66
Clayton Homes Inks Appliances Supply Agreement with Whirlpool II-66
Champion Home Builders Allies with Genco Bakken for Northern
Lights Project II-66
Blenker Companies Sets Up Envision Home at Last II-66
Fleetwood Homes to Acquire Assets of Palm Harbor Homes II-67
PFB Corporation Acquires PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes II-67
Champion Commercial Structures Enters into Partnership with
Russell Building Group II-68
Guerdon Receives Secures Workforce Housing Contract from PTI
Group II-68
Insight Management Acquires Simply Constructed II-68
H.I.G. Capital Acquires Excel Homes II-68
American Group Holdings LLC Acquires All American Group, Inc. II-69
Mangum Custom Builders Sets Up Mangum Modular Homes Inc II-69
Patrick Acquires Certain Assets of Blazon International II-69
UFP Distribution to Acquire Assets of Shepherd Distribution II-69
Coachmen Industries Announces Name Change II-70

American Ingenuity, Inc. II-71
American Homestar Corporation II-71
Cavco Industries, Inc. II-72
Palm Harbor Homes II-73
Champion Home Builders, Inc. II-73
Clayton Homesn Inc. II-74
Commodore Corp. II-74
Deltec Homes, Inc. II-75
Endeavor Homes II-76
Gastineau Log Homes II-76
Innovative Building Systems, Inc. II-77
All American Group LLC II-77
Excel Homes Group LLC II-78
Lindal Cedar Homes, Inc. II-79
Muncy Homes, Inc. II-79
New Panel Homes, Inc. II-80
Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. II-80
Pleasant Valley Homes, Inc. II-81
Professional Building Systems, Inc. II-82
Ritz-Craft Corporation, Inc. II-82
Signature Building Systems, Inc. II-83
Skyline Homes II-83
Southland Log Homes II-83
Wisconsin Log Homes, Inc. II-84

Table 15: The US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Prefabricated Housing by Product Segments - Manufactured
(Single-Section and Multi-Section), Modular, Precut and
Panelized Housing Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual
Shipments in Units for Years 2010 through 2018 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-86

Table 16: The US Historic Review for Prefabricated Housing by
Product Segments - Manufactured (Single-Section and
Multi-Section), Modular, Precut and Panelized Housing Markets
Independently Analyzed with Annual Shipments in Units for
Years 2004 through 2009 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-87

Table 17: The US 15-Year Perspective for Prefabricated Housing
by Product Segments - Manufactured (Single-Section and
Multi-Section), Modular, Precut and Panelized Housing Markets
for 2004, 2012 and 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-88

Canada II-89
Market Overview II-89
Active Oils and Gas Sector Fuels Demand for Modular Housing II-89
Japan II-90
Market Overview II-90
Europe II-90
Market Overview II-90
Western Europe - A Promising Market II-91
Evolution of German Offsite Construction Market II-92
Bird's Eye View of Offsite Construction in the United
Kingdom II-92
Major Trends II-93
Eurocrisis Tarnishes Growth of Panelized Constructions
Market II-93
SIP Systems Gaining Popularity in UK II-93
UK Offsite Construction Makes a Comeback from Recession II-94
Offsite Construction Industry Faces Uphill Task in UK II-94
Asia-Pacific II-94
Market Overview II-94
Major Trends II-95
Australian Prefabricated Housing Market Set for Strong
Growth II-95
New Zealand Offsite Construction Market Shackled by
Unawareness II-95
Indian Consumer Affinity for Modular Housing on the Rise II-95
Middle East & Africa II-96
Major Trends II-96
High Potential for Off-site Construction in Middle East II-96
Kenyan Low-end Housing Market to Open Up II-96
Panelized Housing to Take Off in Kenya II-97


Total Companies Profiled: 203 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 206)

The United States (154)
Canada (24)
Japan (6)
Europe (10)
- Germany (2)
- The United Kingdom (1)
- Italy (2)
- Rest of Europe (5)
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (11)
Africa (1)

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