U.S. Study Proves Safety Of SOURCEvapes' Coils

Independent lab confirms SOURCEvapes' vaporizer coils are not harmful

Jan 07, 2016, 09:22 ET from SOURCEvapes

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SOURCEvapes, manufacturer of high-quality vaporizer equipment, announced today that an independent research laboratory confirmed the coils used by SOURCEvapes meet safety standards. 

A California-based independent materials testing and product qualification testing company, recently conducted extensive tests on all of SOURCEvapes’ vaporizer coils including its new premium Grade 1 titanium coils, featured in the new SOURCE orb XL, and its titanium alloy coils, featured in the SOURCE orb 3.  SOURCE orb XL is the only vaporizer product currently on the market to use Grade 1 titanium coils. 

The independent tests also confirmed the authenticity of the materials, including the Grade 1 titanium and titanium alloy.

According to the findings report, ““All of the metals used in your vaporizer are in the safe limits. All of the elements in the coil have melting points higher than their maximum temperature points. There are no chances of inhaling the metal fumes or micro particles...It is therefore clear that there are no chances of evaporation and oxidation of any of the metals present in the coil."

For press interested in viewing the full reports, please contact Betsy Roberts at betsy@prfirm.com.

About SOURCE orb XL

The SOURCE orb XL is the fourth and largest vape pen in SOURCEvapes’ wax product line.  The four sizes give users options to have a pen that best meets their needs.  The SOURCE 10cig is small, SOURCE orb slim is medium, SOURCE orb 3 is large, and of course the SOURCE orb XL is extra-large.  It is important to note that SOURCE orb XL attachments are also compatible with SOURCE orb 3 atomizers. 

About SOURCEvapes 

Las Vegas-based SOURCEvapes has been bringing the highest-quality vaporizers to market since 2013.  The extensive product line consists of concentrate vaporizers, herb vaporizers, and accessories. SOURCEvapes products transform the vaporizing experience into a sophisticated sensory journey; transporting, relaxing, and enveloping users in true luxury. SOURCEvapes first revolutionized the industry with SOURCE orb in March 2013 and the first Double Coil vaporizer; then again with SOURCE orb v2 and the SOURCE terra ceramic donut; finally SOURCE orb 3, released July 2015 introduced the first quartz vaporizer pen. To ensure the purest taste SOURCEvapes products are made with the finest materials and are sold at an incredibly competitive price-point.  All of SOURCEvapes products are covered by a no-hassle warranty.  For more information please visit www.SOURCEvapes.com, www.facebook.com/SOURCEvapes, www.twitter.com/SOURCEvapes, www.instagram.com/SOURCEvapes, www.youtube.com/user/SOURCEvapes, or call (855) 710-8700.

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