USA Link System establishes student workshops throughout Europe

Aug 19, 2015, 12:00 ET from USA Link System

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As generations come and progress, competition in the professional world only grows higher and higher. Simple textbook studying is no longer enough to sustain and succeed within a well-rounded professional career. Students need an opportunity in which they can learn and experience professionally required skills first hand. After acquiring such skills they can then put them to use in the actual professional world and become one step ahead of the competition. USA Link System realizes the extreme need for further hands-on education and has begun to establish several IT student workshop studios in university campuses throughout eastern and western Europe.

The team at USA Link System work through IT projects daily and have thus created the possibility of collaborating similar projects within the student's lives as well through such student workshop studios. These specific workshop studios located on university campuses allow students to collectively work together to solve problems and following thereafter create solutions. Students take part in "real world" projects such as the overall help of university publications or various web needs that may arise along the way. Work completed is thereby turned into credits toward their educational degrees. Such projects help the advancement of not only their overall student educations but the preparation of their future careers as professionals. They take skills acquired and interpret them into their own careers – propelling them into further success.

Through the "learn by doing" experience they transition successfully in the real professional world as well as get the educational experience firsthand. Such programs allow senior students to take an almost mentor standpoint on fellow students, encouraging them to succeed and stay on track throughout the way. Everyone thus collectively learns together and the knowledge they have acquired puts them above the rest of the future professional world.

Throughout the experience inside these workshops, USA Link System has helped some of the studio's best students transition into the professional world by allowing some of the best companies in search of young talents recruit from the exact places they were created, these various workshops located in universities. Students get the educational experience while companies get first pick at some of the universities' most talented young soon to be professionals. Everyone wins in the end!

The program specifically seeks young graduates who are highly motivated, passionate, dedicated and who realize the importance of such learning experience prior to a successful career. These student workshop studios will be unlike any other class ever offered on campus and have limited space available. Should you believe yourself ready to take part in such a beneficial experience or know someone who could succeed in one of our workshops, please feel free to join.

Take your first step toward overall professional success early and join the USA Link System team as they revolutionize education for the future!


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