USC Study Proves E-Commerce the Answer to Grow Global Economy, Says CEO Diane Wang at ABAC San Francisco

According to reports from USC and Nankai University, investing in e-commerce will allow SMEs to access the global value chain, spurring job creation and global economic growth.

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BEIJING, March 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- February 26th at the APEC Business Advisory Council meeting in San Francisco, Ms. Diane Wang, leading SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) advocate, presented the plan to advance CBET (Cross Border E-commerce Training), an eLearning program that will enable APEC region SMEs to access the global economy, citing compelling reports from the USC Marshall School of Business and Nankai University. SMEs employ at least 70% of workers in the majority of countries, make up 80% of net job growth, and contribute over 50% of GDP in most major economies. In 2016, a working model of CBET will be developed with partner Wenzhou-Kean University.  

'Evidence from USC and Nankai University'

The report from the USC Marshall School of Business, is about driving economic growth through Cross-Border E-Commerce in APEC, which, the report claims, has an exceedingly positive impact on SME growth, job creation, and economic development. An astonishing 60-80% of e-commerce exporters survive their first year of business, serve 30-40 different economies on average and grow 2.1x faster than traditional businesses, of whom only 30-50% survive year one and export to an average of just 3-4 economies.  74% of APEC economies identified cross border ecommerce as the next major disruptive force on their economy, and 82% believe it will profoundly impact SMEs. The report specifically endorses CBET, as the solution to empowering SMEs to the global economy.

A report from Nankai University, also endorsed CBET. The report was critical of presently existing cross border e-commerce training programs, saying 90% of SMEs are unaware these programs exist, and developing a uniform standard online CBET is the most cost-effective solution with the highest probability of empowering SMEs throughout the Asia Pacific region, where constraints and development are so diverse.

'Plan to Move Forward'

ABAC China has partnered with Wenzhou-Kean University, a jointly established Chinese-American University, who has already pledged $20,000 and formed a committee from the university, to start curriculum research and development of CBET, to create a working model. The foundation will be a series of English language training videos that concentrate on a select individual field of cross border ecommerce, featuring content created by industry experts, presented in a visually and functionally consistent format.

'Ms. Diane Wang'

Ms. Diane Wang, SME and women's rights advocate, serves as a B20 representative, an APEC Business Advisory Council member of the ABAC SME Working Group, and Co-Chair of the APEC Women's Forum. Before founding, Ms. Wang was co-founder and CEO of, which later became Amazon China.  To schedule an interview with Ms. Wang, please contact or call +1 (949) 395-1908.


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Ms. Wang, please contact or call +1 (949) 395-1908.