USDA Public Health Pesticide Program Measures Performance of Green Bed Bug Killer in Infested Housing Apartments

Jul 23, 2015, 09:35 ET from Reneotech Inc.

NORTH BERGEN, N.J., July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bed bugs continue to be a national scourge of our time. With increasing appearances in the news, homeowners search for solutions, landlords fear legal battles and hotel owners seek out preventive options. Recently, the USDA IR4 Public Health Pesticides Program newsletter published the results of their funded study that measured performance of a green bed bug killer in infested housing apartments. Based on the field study by entomologists from Rutgers University, the report revealed that EcoRaider, a natural insect killer, shows strong effectiveness in eradicating bed bugs infestations in housing apartments, comparable to a leading professional grade pesticide.

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The field study was conducted in a high-rise public housing apartment building in New Jersey with a known bed bug infestation. EcoRaider and a top pesticide brand called Temprid SC was used side by side for means of comparison. After 12 weeks of evaluation on 24 treated apartments, the study concluded that both products are equally effective and "no significant difference was found" between EcoRaider and Temprid SC in the overall bed bug eradication rate. According to its label instruction, Temprid SC is a synthetic pesticide "hazards to humans and domestic animals". It is normally used by licensed pest management professionals.

Bed bugs can be difficult to control in public housing settings. The apartments are often inhabited by the elderly who are reluctant to vacate the premises, typically have more clutter and are willing to do less prep work. Tenants often struggle with long-term infestations and may have gone through a variety of treatments repeatedly with consumer or professional pesticides. According to Dr. Changlu Wang from Rutgers University, a well-known urban entomologist who led this study, bed bug populations in such environments are typically found to have "moderate to high levels of resistance" to pesticides which makes many over the counter bed bug bombs ineffective.

Since bed bug work requires treating the bed and sleeping areas, there is also a concern over misuse of pesticides and the associated health concerns that might have. Therefore, having this study identify a "low-risk and effective alternative pesticide" that is able to eliminate bed bugs is an important initiative for the USDA IR-4 Public Health Pesticides Program, according to the study. The program supports the development of new pesticides to protect public health.

EcoRaider was developed by Reneotech Inc, North Bergen, NJ. The company also supplies products to the professional pest management industry. According to a research paper published on Entomological Society of America's Journal of Economic Entomology, EcoRaider demonstrates as “ the most effective” natural bed bug killer among 12 natural and synthetic pesticides tested. It is a minimum risk pest control product exempted by EPA and may be used without restriction. For more information, visit

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