USIAA Releases Top Ten National Art Maestros in China

Apr 22, 2013, 10:00 ET from United States International Artists Association

NEW YORK, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In terms of the international development of the Chinese painting, the United States International Artists Association recently released the 2013 "National Art Maestro in China," which also provides an international authoritative guidance for Chinese Painting in 2013. The winners of this "National Art Maestro in China" are as follows: Li Keran, Wu Guanzhong, Lin Fengmian, Fu Baoshi, Xu Beihong, Chen Laotie, Fan Zeng, Jia Youfu,Shi Qi, and Chen Ping. This list recognizes their accomplishments in the Chinese art of painting, their international academic influence, and the international achievements of Chinese culture and art.

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Li Keran:

Maestro in landscape painting, founder of modern Chinese art education in landscape painting.

Wu Guanzhong:

Maestro in abstract formalism.

Lin Fengmian:

Maestro in oriental impressionist, modern Chinese art educationalist.

Fu Baoshi:

Maestro in landscape painting, theorist in art history.

Xu Beihong:

Maestro in academic realism, founder of modern painting.

Chen Laotie:

Maestro in abstract expressionism, founder of tension expressionism.

Fan Zeng:

Maestro in neo-classical portrait, master of Chinese culture.

Jia Youfu:

Maestro in structuralism and ruralism landscape painting, art educationalist.

Shi Qi:

Maestro in representationalism, expressionism and abstractionism.

Chen Ping:

Maestro in imagery and nostalgia landscape painting, calligrapher.

SOURCE United States International Artists Association