Utah Contractors Ready To Speed Facility Repairs, Cut Costs Using Gordian Group System

May 22, 2012, 07:55 ET from The Gordian Group

MAULDIN, S.C., May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Gordian Group, Inc. announced today that agreements with a network of competitively bid contractors are in place introducing government agencies throughout Utah to a new system for fast-tracking and controlling facility repair, maintenance and alteration projects. As a result of the state of Utah awards, on-call construction contractors are ready to begin work for the hundreds of state agencies, public school districts, colleges and universities, and city and county governments, that can now use Gordian's ezIQC® system to manage various projects from start to finish.

ezIQC is The Gordian Group's cooperative-purchasing version of Job Order Contracting. Job Order Contracting is a competitively bid construction procurement process. Government agencies use Gordian's systems to quickly accomplish a large number of repair, alteration and new construction projects based on a set of locally priced construction tasks and competitively awarded contracts.

Under State of Utah Contract #AR031, The Gordian Group's staff works closely with each agency leader when a project is identified. Together, they create a detailed scope of work for each project, review the contractor's price proposal and walk the agency through the entire procurement process. The agency reviews the proposal package to determine if it is within budget and schedule. There is no obligation to use a contractor until a price proposal is approved and a purchase order issued to the contractor.

Utah agencies have a choice of several local contractors to rapidly respond to repair and maintenance projects. The Division of Purchasing & General Services has split the state into five geographic regions and signed agreements with the "on-call" contractors who are prepared to provide construction services according to ezIQC published standards and prices.

Utah is the latest state to choose The Gordian Group's Job Order Contracting services to help control spending while continuing to deliver high-quality facility repair, maintenance and alteration services. Arizona, Georgia and Ohio have implemented similar programs.

"Having these contractors available in Utah now will surely increase the time and cost efficiencies agencies there experience with their construction and alteration projects," said Robert Coffey, President and CEO.

Each year, more than $1.5 billion in public repair and renovation work is procured nationally using the Gordian Group's ezIQC and other systems, saving agencies not only millions of dollars, but also countless hours in procurement and project-management time.

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The Gordian Group (www.TheGordianGroup.com) created ezIQC and other construction procurement systems, including Job Order Contracting, and remains the only full-service Job Order Contracting firm in the nation. It provides all products and services necessary for rapid deployment and long-term cost savings.

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