Utang Unveils its Times Square Debut

Jan 10, 2016, 06:18 ET from Utang.cn

SHANGHAI, Jan. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 10th, 2016, Utang will launch its ads on the LED billboards on the NASDAQ Tower and Reuters building in Times Square, New York City; another Chinese face debuting in Times Square.

The focus of the world is on America, and the focus of America is on New York City, and the center of New York City is Times Square, "The Crossroads of the World". Accounting for only 0.1 percent of New York City, the square achieves 11% of the city's GDP and provides 10% of its jobs. With hundreds of millions of visitors per year, Times Square has an influence that not only stretches across America, but across the entire world. What's more, NASDAQ—the largest securities exchange market in the world—plays a decisive role in the world economy and is a crux of the global economy.

Utang is advertising in Times Square when Utang 4.0 "Easy Giving" is holding its launch event, which energetically tells the world that Utang is coming and Times Square will be a witness of its future success.

The core business of Utang is the prevention and management of diabetes. In recent years, the development of the Internet has promoted strong incorporation of the Internet into all areas and that certainly includes the healthcare industry. As a member of this industry, Utang devotes itself to diabetes treatment with its creative services and has managed to create a brand-new service platform for diabetes treatment—Utang Distance Care for Chronic Diseases.

At present, there are around 200 million people living with chronic diseases in China, most of which are middle-aged to the elderly individuals who are less familiar with the Internet and electronic information technology which lays a foundation for mobile health care. The solution to address this conundrum and help them benefit from the convenience generated by the Internet and electronic information technology is a goal that Utang persistently searches to solve. Thus, Utang has taken the next step by naturally launching remote chronic disease management services, which will provide a new type of service for patients with chronic diseases in an easy-to-use package that benefits middle-aged and elderly patients who know little about the networks and technologies that surrounds them.

In recent years, mobile healthcare in Europe, US, Japan, other Asian countries, and even in Hong Kong and Taiwan has been relatively mature and ahead in its development, while China is still in its early stages of exploration. Utang is acting as the pilot in China's mobile healthcare field. This time, its advertising in Times Square does not only show it values the square's international influence but embodies its faith and determination to lead the industry on a new path in the international arena. If Utang has arrived, can universal mobile healthcare in, mainland China be far behind?

Contact: Guoxun Wu

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