V O Group Growth Moves Firm to New Corporate Headquarters

Oct 27, 2010, 18:46 ET from V O Group, LLC from ,Vacation Ownership Group, LLC

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- In late 2009, when small businesses were closing their doors and large corporations posted dismal results daily, Adam and Ashley Lacerda decided if the right business, offering a needed service, opened at the right time, only success could follow.

Seems they were right, and their company, the Vacation Ownership Group, LLC, was formed and within weeks business was far exceeding their expectations.

The entrepreneurial couple quickly opened their first office in Mays Landing, N.J., and with a handful of accomplished employees began building their timeshare and vacation ownership consulting firm. With business expanding rapidly and new employees joining the company, it was soon time for a larger corporate headquarters to accommodate existing business, daily growth and projected future expansion.

On Oct. 20, the V O Group officially moved to their new headquarters at 2900 Fire Rd. in Egg Harbor Township, N.J., and Adam Lacerda, President and CEO of the company, says the new office will allow the V O Group to continue its explosive growth with sufficient space.

"We have experienced unprecedented growth and we have a lot of talented staff members to thank for this. Most importantly, many of the business concepts and efforts bringing us to this new level have been thanks to the work of my wife and business partner, Ashley Lacerda, senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the V O Group," Lacerda said.

"Ashley is the engine behind the scenes and she is an integral part in the growth of the company. Her enthusiasm for the business and her convictions inspire the entire team. Ashley means business and makes sure this company runs like a well-oiled machine. I'm happy she's not my competitor. I would hate to compete with her if she worked for another company," Lacerda says.

With over 30 people currently working for the V O Group, Lacerda anticipates having close to 70 staff members by year's end.

"While many companies are eliminating employees and cutting services to their clients, we are doing the opposite. We are adding consultants, expanding services and operations. We recently brought in Fran Santore as Vice President of Sales, and Kevin Ulrich as Vice President General Counsel. They join our accountant and CFO, our Director of Marketing and Communications, and 30 consultants, giving us a talented and professional team," he said.

"I only see exceptional growth for the future of this company. We offer ethical, honest services to consumers caught with a timeshare they cannot afford or in a contract they need help getting out of. The experience and knowledge my team brings to the table has helped hundreds of people and the number is growing every day. From a rental program, a vacation club, to upgrades and consulting on a variety of concerns timeshare consumers might have, we offer close to a dozen services under one roof, something no other company does. We are unique and proud of the work we do and the services we offer," Lacerda said.

For more information call the V O Group at 1-800-381-9469, email vogroup@vogroup.net, or visit us at www.vogroup.net.

SOURCE V O Group, LLC; Vacation Ownership Group, LLC