Vaadin and ZeroTurnaround Announce Partnership

Mar 01, 2012, 02:00 ET from Vaadin

HELSINKI, Finland, March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Vaadin, the company behind the popular open source Vaadin Framework, and ZeroTurnaround, creator of JRebel, the award-winning no-redeploy Java tool, have agreed on a partnership that brings JRebel to Vaadin commercial support users starting from today. This partnership underscores Vaadin's commitment in providing the best tools for developing rich web applications on the Java platform.

JRebel - Stop redeploying in Java!

JRebel is a JVM plug-in that eliminates the developer need to build or redeploy their application to see the effects of code changes during application development. With JRebel, Java developers get to see their changes instantly, without having to restart their application server or redeploy their application.

"Our team have been using JRebel for years and have found out that it is the best solution for eliminating wait times slowing down enterprise application developers. Saving developers time have been our guideline for over a ten years and thus we can not pass the opportunity of making developers using Vaadin Framework even more efficient with JRebel.", said Sami Kaksonen, Vaadin VP of Commercial Products.

Pro Account - Accelerated Vaadin development

Vaadin Pro Account is a subscription based service that offers commercial support, tools and components for professional Vaadin developers that base their applications on fully free Vaadin Framework. The core value proposition is to maximize the developer productivity and save time in Vaadin development.

"When you combine Vaadin and JRebel the effect is amazing, almost magical. The average Java developer spends over 10 minutes per hour redeploying their application to see changes, i.e. adding a new feature or fixing a bug. JRebel eliminates the redeploy process, saving an average of 5.25 full work weeks per year; we are certain that when developers using Vaadin are able to experience the increased productivity provided by JRebel, they will doubly benefit from Java's most efficient UI framework and Java's most popular redeploy killer.", commented Oliver White, ZeroTurnaround's Markitect.

About Vaadin

Vaadin Ltd is the company behind the open source Vaadin Framework, used by professional developers in more than 175 countries to build high-quality web user interfaces for businesses applications. To download the free Vaadin Framework, or to find out more about add-on tools, Pro Account and services, please visit

About ZeroTurnaround

ZeroTurnaround is dedicated to changing the way the world develops, tests and runs Java applications. Powered by award-winning Rebellion Technology, JRebel and LiveRebel are revolutionizing the way Development and Operations teams work with Java. Tens of thousands of engineers use JRebel to turn the laborious build/test/deploy phase of application development into a light-speed cycle as fast and iterative as Python or PHP, while LiveRebel, an instant rollout/rollback tool for live applications, is bringing Continuous Delivery to fruition for companies all over the world. Join the Rebellion:

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