Val de Vie to Launch 'Grounds-Breaking' Coffee Style Pinotage in US

Jun 28, 2010, 12:58 ET from Indigo Wine Group

NEW YORK, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Val de Vie, a historic wine estate on the Berg River on the Western Cape of South Africa, announces the launch of its first vintage of Barista, a "Coffee Pinotage" created by Bertus Fourie, Winemaker for Barista Pinotage. Bertus is the creator of the Coffee Pinotage style and he refers to Barista as "the best example of this new style, giving a fascinating and delicious spin to this unique South African grape."

Barista is produced from 100% Pinotage grapes from the Robertson Valley.  Although there is a discernible and delicious aroma of both coffee and even a hint of chocolate, the flavor is completely natural, with no additives; according to Bertus, these unusual aromas come from "a combination of factors, including a specific yeast strain, specific toasting of the barrels, specific type of oak, and the Pinotage grape itself."  The discovery was a happy accident: during an exceptionally hot harvest, when several varietals ripened at the same time, Bertus ran out of stainless steel tanks and fermented the Pinotage in oak.  He had a surprise waiting for him the next morning when he opened the cellar door:  the entire room was filled with the delicious aroma of coffee.

The release of this wine is important not just as an excellent example of a unique South African wine, but also as a vehicle for introducing the US to this native grape.  Pinotage, bred in 1925, is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault but is distinctly New World in flavor.  This outstanding example could very well help to launch Pinotage throughout the New World.

The packaging is simple and elegant:  a stark black and white tile pattern reminiscent of an Italian coffee bar.  With its excellent price/quality ratio—it retails for $14.99—it is a perfect accompaniment to a wide range of foods, from meat dishes to cheeses and desserts.

It is imported by the Indigo Wine Group, based in Venice, Florida.  Indigo represents exciting wine regions around the world, with South Africa being prime among them.  The wine will be distributed throughout the United States, beginning in June 2010 and continuing throughout the summer months. The launch coincides with the 2010 World Cup, hosted by South Africa.  

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