Valentine's Day Sales Show Electronics Emerging as Romantic Gifts

AXESS Product Corp.'s cool electronic gadgets and especially the Boombug line are perfect for this holiday and more.

Feb 06, 2013, 15:00 ET from AXESS Products Corp.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- February 14th generally represents a time when frugal folks who may have splurged too much at Christmas begin buying again. The Valentine's holiday, then, is a tremendous boon to restaurants, retailers, and more who are coming off of a slow sales month in January. The electronic goods industry is no different; Valentine's Day sales on many products have made cool electronic gadgets an increasingly more attractive option to traditional items like flowers and chocolates. AXESS Products Corp. is a California-based group of electronics manufacturers that creates affordable, durable, and convenient merchandise that is well-regarded for its cool, cute, and sleek appearance.

Retailers who want to be competitive this Valentine's Day and other upcoming holidays would be wise to invest in AXESS' electronic wares. A flagship product at AXESS is their line of portable wireless speakers. AXESS carries a broad range of speakers, the most popular of which this holiday season will be the Boombug line. AXESS' Boombug speakers are noted for their cuteness, compactness, and crystal clear sound. Firstly, the Boombugs are popular Valentine's Day purchases because they have a vibrant, adorable look to them. Bright colors (yellow, pink, light blue), lush shades (purple, green, orange), and futuristic tints (metallic dark blue, silver, metallic red, black) are just a few of the lively looks available for the Boombug speakers. They're incredibly transportable as well; they can be compressed for maximum portability and opened up when needed to play music with a fuller sound.

These Boombug speakers from AXESS are extra-portable because they don't need to be plugged in to play. They are charged via USB cables and can play on a full charge for up to 10 hours. AXESS offers their Boombugs with a variety of audio playback methods. The Boombug speaker can come wired (with an audio jack) or with Bluetooth capabilities, for syncing up without a cable. They're perfectly compatible with media players, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and many other electronics that can play music. AXESS stands by the success of these speakers and believe that they make great gifts year-round.

Finally, the sound created by the Boombug portable mini-speakers has to be heard to be believed. The wired mini-speakers have an impressive 40mm driver to emit full, pure sound when connected and the jumbo line of Boombugs has an even more impressive capability. The Boombug mini-speakers can also be linked together for an even more enhanced audio performance.

AXESS offers many other portable music players that would benefit any electronics retail space. All are designed with exuberant flair and have fantastic features including playback from SD cards and FM radio capabilities. These speakers—as well as AXESS' other fantastic consumer electronics like karaoke systems, televisions, headphones, and more—have brought the company much success throughout the world, especially in North, Central, and South America. More information about AXESS and its products can be found by going to or by calling 888-232-4145.

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