Valet Services Can Alleviate Big City Traffic Woes

Express Valet Parking saves time and hassle at a competitive rate for any business concerned with customer satisfaction.

May 23, 2012, 14:23 ET from Express Valet Parking

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LOS ANGELES, May 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the largest American cities, over 30 percent of traffic at any given time is caused by drivers looking for a place to park their vehicle. This system of driving in circles for minutes upon minutes eventually takes its toll on public roads, the environment, and the mental health of commuters. At an increasing rate, concerned Los Angeles business owners are turning to valet parking to lessen these burdens, improving clientele satisfaction on the whole. They turn to reputable and established parking services like Express Valet Parking to deliver an immaculate valet experience.

Executive valet parking fosters a sense of gratification and loyalty from customers. Parking is not only stressful for drivers in a hurry, it can also be dangerous. It can be expensive, as well, in the form of vehicular upkeep and gasoline. A directionless quest for a parking spot costs everybody money by slowly damaging streets and by making public transportation less efficient. Commuters who worry about the environment don't want to compound driving's environmental consequence by making excessive journeys. Furthermore, businesses competing for a small swath of patron parking generates a hostile work environment and relationship between companies who should be working together; surely customers pick up on this.

Express Valet Parking tackles these problems with courteous and expert service. Their valets know neighborhoods and parking intricacies, making driving incredibly efficient. Plus, working in tandem with other valets through radios and a dedicated vehicle means that they can park directly in an area with much less congestion. The positive attitudes and professional demeanors of the Express Valet Parking crew not only prevent drivers from having an undesirable time parking, they actually improve the evening's feel. Decked out in a maroon vest, white shirt, and black slacks, the staff knows how to put customers at ease when taking their vehicle. Finally, companies operating out of close proximity can choose to share valet service, improving inter-business interactions.

Express Valet Parking doesn't stop at their strict hiring process, which requires a valid California Driver's License, a flawless driving record, and valet experience. They then train their hires to be authorities in driving, mechanics, and personal interaction. To get your business caught up with the times, visit the Express Valet Parking website at They also provide stellar parking services for personal events and private parties.

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