Validas Unveils "Wireless Waste™ Index" Dashboard

Introduces New Metric for Measuring Inefficiencies in Mobile Billing

Jan 08, 2013, 14:47 ET from Validas

HOUSTON, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Validas, the leader in mobile analytics, has launched an interactive dashboard around the firm's introduction of a new business indice, the "Wireless Waste Index," that measures overspending on wireless billing nationally and globally. Wireless Waste is the value of the difference between what you pay for on your mobile plan and how much of it you actually use. Accessible at, the Wireless Waste Index projects that American smartphone users overspent by tens of billions of dollars in 2012. Globally, Validas estimates Wireless Waste to have cost consumers over $926 billion last year.


The dashboard allows visitors to zoom in and trend over 2012 to see monthly, quarterly and annual projections of Wireless Waste on smartphones in America and to zoom out to see all lines globally in an annualized view. With their often-expensive data plans, smartphones rack up the most Wireless Waste, according to Validas: $45 billion across 130 million American smartphone lines. When all of America's 330 million wireless lines are included, the 2012 Wireless Waste number increases only comparably slightly to $52.8 billion. "This was why we included just smartphones for the high depth, domestic section of the Index," said Tom Pepe, CEO of Validas. "We wanted to target in on the most inefficient part of the domestic wireless market so that people understand their risk category as a consumer."

The Wireless Waste Index comes out as Validas prepares to expand the fight against Wireless Waste through its free VERA service at VERA audits wireless bills to remove Wireless Waste, and allows the user to either pocket their recovered dollars or pledge them towards philanthropic causes including rebuilding the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy and funding global initiatives to empower underprivileged women through microfinance.

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