ValueMat Provides Budget-Conscious Consumers With a Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Floor Heating Solution

ValueMat Cuts Energy and Product Costs by Heating Only Designated Areas

Oct 26, 2010, 09:13 ET from Warmly Yours

LONG GROVE, Ill., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Warmly Yours, an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of radiant heating products, today announced the launch of their cost-effective ValueMat floor heating product. Just in time for winter, the ValueMat provides an economical electric floor heating solution to the cost-conscious consumer looking for the luxury of heated flooring but without the price of full-room coverage. The ValueMat utilizes the same technology used in other Warmly Yours products, but is designed for selective placement within a room.  The ValueMat is installed in specific areas of a room, such as under bathroom tile beside the tub or in front of the bathroom vanity, allowing the consumer to spend up to 33 percent less than they would on warming an entire room, while also saving on energy costs.

Like all Warmly Yours Floor Heating products, ValueMat transforms cold surfaces into warm, inviting floors with TempZone technology, a maintenance-free floor heating system that is made of a fiberglass mesh-backed cable system that measures less than 1/8 inch thick and is easily installed invisibly under tile, laminate, marble, stone and wood floors. TempZone floor heating systems provide reliable, constant heat to floors, and utilize controls which allow the consumer to manage the floor's temperature level. ValueMat offers even more energy efficiency because the homeowner is warming only the floor space that is most utilized. And like TempZone, ValueMats are not installed under permanent fixtures like cabinets or tubs – even further reducing the heated footprint and the energy costs associated..

"The logic behind ValueMat is to save on product and energy costs by only heating the areas of the home that are used most often," said Julia Billen, President of Warmly Yours. "We strive to offer consumers radiant solutions that fit their lifestyle and budget, and in this uncertain economy it just makes sense to save every penny possible."

ValueMats come in six different sizes to accommodate any area within a room and range in price from $109 t0 $349. Perfect for the entryway foyer, bathroom, kitchen or mudroom, these mats eliminate worries associated with the hassle of product maintenance because they are maintenance-free, making Value Mats a cost-friendly and worry-free addition to the home.

To make installation as quick and easy as possible, Warmly Yours provides a step-by-step installation guide, instructional DVD and warranty registration. For more information on ValueMat, and other Warmly Yours heating products, visit

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