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Oct 22, 2012, 09:38 ET from VanQuoteDirect

LONDON, October 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

VanQuoteDirect, a leading van insurance website, has found that there has been a decline in the production of commercial vehicles this year. It has been calculated that commercial vehicle production has declined in the first nine months of the year by 7.5%.

Joe de Vries, of VanQuoteDirect, has been commenting on the findings: "The declining production of commercial vehicles has been the result of declining demand. Last year the commercial vehicle market saw a boom, however, this may have been caused by the Low Emission Zone being brought into force during January of this year. Therefore a lot of people were preparing for this by buying new vehicles. This year, however, demand has eased off slightly. That is not to say that there isn't still a lot of demand though, because there is, it's just that there isn't quite as much as last year."

VanQuoteDirect, provider of commercial van insurance quotes, therefore remains optimistic. Furthermore, it has been stated that demand outside of the UK and Europe will continue to help the UK vehicle manufacturers grow further in the future with there currently being a strong demand for UK products outside of Europe.

VanQuoteDirect are of course aware of the tricky economic situation that is still very much upon us in the UK and Europe. They've therefore stated that future growth for vehicle manufacturers will be fantastic for the economy whilst it will also open up new jobs for those close to the manufacturing plants.

Mr de Vries added the following: "Let's hope, for the state of the economy, that vehicle production does indeed increase as we move into a new year. Hopefully this will then assist the entire country with moving on from this period of financial difficulty."

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