Vapor Chamber Lawsuit Expands to Include Dynatron Corporation and Hewlett- Packard in China

Jan 05, 2010, 09:00 ET from Convergence Technologies Limited

HONG KONG, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Convergence Technologies Limited today announced the expansion of its vapor chamber lawsuits to include Dynatron Corporation and Hewlett-Packard in China. The China lawsuit was filed in Beijing on December 16th against Hewlett-Packard in China. This China lawsuit is parallel to the on-going USA lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard in the USA and a necessary step to bring actions against Microloops in China and its various partners. Meanwhile, Dynatron Corporation, a company located in Fremont California, has been sued for willful infringement in the above- mentioned on-going USA lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard (filed on November 9th in the Eastern District Court of Virginia).

At the same time, Convergence Technologies Limited announced the formal termination of the G1x8 product which was exclusive for Dynatron Corporation. In 2008, Convergence Technologies Limited completed development of an aluminum-finned vapor chamber cooler for 1-U server applications, which began shipment to Dynatron under the product code of G1x8. On September 19th, Convergence became aware of Dynatron publicly selling a replacement vapor chamber cooler with copper fins called G218, and dissections revealed it to possess the same allegedly infringing features as parts manufactured by Taiwan Microloops Corporation. Subsequently, Convergence contacted Dynatron to seek clarifications on their intentions in light of the ongoing litigations against Microloops and the significant risks faced by Dynatron and its customers in the USA and China, particularly since Dynatron allegedly received information on the lawsuit against Microloops as early as May 5th, 2009, and has received shipments of Convergence's products bearing their relevant patent numbers.

"It is unfortunate that Dynatron has refused our offer to work out a solution and has thus apparently decided to fight this in court. As evident from the number of allegedly infringing parties, our patented Multiwick structures give vapor chambers the necessary breakthrough in cooling performance, but it is unfortunate that market participants, such as Dynatron, continue to question our commitment to protect our intellectual properties. In this regard, we hope these latest lawsuits will send a clearer message. Meanwhile, the company is renaming the G1x8 as CT118 and is now making it available to the general market," says Dr. Steven H. Lee, founding President & CEO of Convergence Technologies Limited. Allegedly, Dynatron is currently reselling Microloops' vapor chamber products as its own products "produced" in its Taiwan or China facilities, and that many of its customers may not be aware that the actual chamber was most likely produced by Microloops. All products, authorized by Convergence, are labelled with its logo and the following patent numbers (U.S. patent #7,422,053; China patent #03816747.6)

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