Vapor Communications Unveils Design of the oPhone UNO

Pre-Orders of the oPhone DUO on Indiegogo will receive oPhone UNO for $1

Jul 15, 2014, 09:00 ET from Vapor Communications

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the introduction of scent-based messaging with the oPhone DUO, Vapor Communications - a technology company with offices in Cambridge, MA and Paris, France - is excited to announce the design of the oPhone UNO. All purchasers of the oPhone DUO, for the duration of the current Indiegogo campaign, will receive an oPhone UNO for $1. The oPhone DUO is available for pre-sale via the Indiegogo campaign and is to be produced and delivered in early 2015 for a retail price of $149. Designed to fit in the palm of a hand, the UNO will be available from early 2016 and made for mobile pocket use. The UNO will be capable of producing over 40,000 aroma combinations using the company's proprietary oChips. When docked at a docking station, the UNO will have the ability to produce, in combination with one or more other oPhone UNOs, over a billion oNote aroma combinations.

Since the alpha launch of the oPhone, led by Harvard Professor David Edwards, over 10,000 oNotes have been created, sent, and received around the world using the alpha version of the company's oSnap application via the Apple Store. Approximately 18% of users have continued to make oNotes even while they have not had access to the oPhone, which will become available for the first time only from July 19 and over two consecutive weekends at the American Natural History Museum in NYC. The museum is particularly making the oPhone available in the Sackler Educational Laboratory for Comparative Genomics and Human Origins. While the alpha version of oSnap is limited to food aromas, over 50% of tagged images (oNotes) with oSnap have figuratively tagged subjects ranging from pets, to family, to nature and monuments.  

David Edwards' keynote address in Chicago on July 16 at the Annual Controlled Release Society Meeting will describe the oPhone UNO and the potential of sensorial design for healthcare. David Edwards will be joined in Chicago by Dr. Jim Buzzitta, founder of Michigan Medical, P.C. and a thought leader in bringing innovation to medical service. Dr. Buzzitta will bring the oPhone HotSpot to Michigan later in the year to raise awareness of the potential healthcare uses of the oPhone for medical conditions related to memory loss, stress and depression.

The oPhone DUO, designed for retail, restaurant and home use, will have its first permanent public home with the opening of Cafe ArtScience, a new innovation restaurant that will open in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 30.  Cafe ArtScience will operate alongside David Edwards' new Laboratoire Cambridge, a contemporary art and design center where artists and designers experiment at the frontiers of science. At Cafe ArtScience, inventive bartender Todd Maul, and renowned Boston chef Patrick Campbell, will explore aroma communication in culinary experience via the oNotes Platform. The design and production of the oPhone UNO will be finalized following further consumer experience with mobile scent-based messaging after the launch of the oPhone DUO in 2015.

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About Vapor Communications Vapor Communications was founded in September 2013 by David Edwards with his students Rachel Field and Amy Yin, the designers Baptiste Viala and Laurent Milon of Studio Millimetre, and the creative team at Le Laboratoire in Paris. The Company intends to bring scent messaging to mobile phone users wherever aroma matters, for health and memory, self-expression and entertainment, travel and the marketing of aromatic content online. The Company will partner with leading corporations to diversify the range of aroma delivery systems and bring scent-based messaging to users and industries around the world.  

About David Edwards David Edwards is Harvard Professor of Idea Translation in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Wyss Institute Faculty Member, founder of Le Laboratoire Paris, and Le Laboratoire Cambridge, and the inventor of food and sensorial innovations, including WikiFoods, and drug and vaccine technologies related to the delivery of drugs and vaccines to the lungs to eliminate injections.  He is a member of the National Academies of Engineering in USA and France, a member of the National Academy of Inventors (USA), and a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres of the French Ministry of Culture. He is the author of many articles, patents, and books of fiction and nonfiction.

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