Vapor Corp Offers Solution to Corporate Smoking Ban

Mar 05, 2010, 13:03 ET from Vapor Corp.

HALLANDALE, Fla., March 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Vapor Corp. (OTC: VPCO) to offer 51% off its Smoke51 brand electronic Cigarettes to any smoker whose company has implemented a smoking ban.

General Electric Co. the biggest U.S. conglomerate has joined drug maker Abbott Laboratories Inc., lawn care products maker Scott's Miracle-Gro Co. and other companies that prohibit their employees from smoking on the job, both indoors and outdoors. Corporate policies, including those of the Cleveland Clinic, go so far as to implement hiring freezes on smokers and others, and penalize smokers by requiring smokers to pay a premium for their corporate insurance programs.

And while the genesis of these policies are most likely grounded out of concern for employees' health and ever increasing medical costs to businesses; smoking on the job also reduces employee productivity and as companies squeeze more out of remaining employees to boost earnings, less smoking breaks makes for more productive employees.

Vapor Corp. (OTC: VPCO) a leading marketer of electronic cigarettes, sold under the Fifty-One™ and other brands, is pleased to offer a 51% discount off any of the company's products sold on its website at to any smoker whose company has implemented a smoking ban, simply enter the Coupon Code "GE51" at checkout.

Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices, whose three basic components that are designed to resemble an actual cigarette: the cartridge, the heating element (also known as the atomizer), and electronics plus a battery. The cartridge, a plastic container that holds a mixture of propylene glycol and liquid nicotine, serves as the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. The heating element vaporizes the liquid nicotine mixture, and the electronics power the heating element and monitor the air flow. When a user inhales from the cartridge, the electronics detect the flow of air and then activate the heating element, which vaporizes the nicotine mixture. The vapor, which the user inhales, contains a flavor that simulates the taste and feel of tobacco. Simply stated, the electronic cigarette is designed to look and to be used just like a traditional cigarette.

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Vapor Corp. (OTC: VPCO), through its wholly owned subsidiary Smoke Anywhere USA, Inc., is a marketer and distributor of personal vaporizers, whose brands include Fifty-One™Krave™, EZ Smoker™, Green Puffer™, and Smoke Star™ brands. Personal vaporizers are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution, which provide users an experience akin to smoking without actual combustion, and as such, no smoke or noxious odor is dispelled from the device. The most common form of personal vaporizers are "electronic cigarettes," and liquid solution of these e-cigs include nicotine, along with tobacco flavorings or essences. The company currently sells its personal vaporizers internationally and domestically through distributors, wholesalers and direct to consumers through its websites and direct response television marketing efforts. For more information, please visit: or

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