Vcorp Services Announces Addition of Independent Director Services Team Focusing on Special Purpose Entities for Small Businesses

Jun 24, 2010, 19:04 ET from Vcorp Services LLC

LOS ANGELES, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Vcorp Services LLC, a leader in specialized state corporate filing services for small businesses announced today its new and improved independent director services, which will be processed by a niche-focused in-house team. The newly formed and highly specialized team was put into place to address the growing demand for special purpose entities (SPEs) during an uncertain economy.

"At this time of financial uncertainty, we feel it is especially important for businesses to put a focus on governance and risk management strategy," said Isaac Muller, CEO of Vcorp Services. "Many young corporations don't have the resources to go to the few providers of independent director services when forming their special purpose entities. This is where we're stepping in to provide a high-quality, yet cost-effective solution."

Special purpose entities (SPEs) are corporate bodies created to fulfill narrow, well-defined and often temporary objectives, such as isolating financial risk and securitizing loans. Independent directors are required to ensure that the SPE remains independent from the sponsoring entity which is where Vcorp's expertise and experience come into play.

"Vcorp is known for its ultra-personalized, dedicated business formation services for entrepreneurs, law firms and accounting firms. Our company, however, also offers independent director services for special purpose entities used in structured finance, credit and securitization transactions. Recently we've seen an increased demand for these services and have responded with an incredibly skilled team of experts," added Muller.

Keeping up with current trends and continuously changing to adapt to a shifting economy and marketplace is imperative when creating new entities.

As laws, rules, regulations and technologies change, Vcorp stays ahead of the curve to help small businesses create specialized entities.

Vcorp Services also offers independent manager and springing member services, among other corporate compliance filings. For more information on these services and pricing, visit or call 1-888-528-2677.

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