Venture Capitalist Publishes Database to Expose Illegal Reporting of Expunged Arrest Records

Furious consumer compiles hundreds of CRA's private contact information to help empower victims of irresponsible background checks

Dec 08, 2015, 18:45 ET from

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Investor Charles Hartman King launched today, after spending three years unsuccessfully enforcing his record expungement, losing multiple housing and job opportunities due to illegal arrest data reporting, and being shunned by consumer reporting agencies who continued to communicate inaccurate background information about him.

Frustrated by the lack of communication transparency with these consumer reporting agencies, King hired a legal team and began compiling the only comprehensive database of CRA contact information to help people defend themselves by enforcing their legally expunged records.

King went so far as to attend the National Association of Professional Background Screeners Conference undercover, and was shocked at the blatant negligence he witnessed. He published his findings and has since been banned from the organization that allowed him membership, ironically enough, without a background check.

"The background check screeners were laughing when discussing their misreporting of consumers' arrest records and expungements to employers and landlords," fumes King. "Innocent consumers are losing jobs and housing and having their lives ruined because these companies are too lazy to ensure their data is accurate - and they think it's funny?"

Furious at this blatant disregard, King painstakingly collected every single name, phone number, personal email, and correct physical address of a growing list of over 350 background check companies nationwide over a three year time period.

"Most CRA websites list a vague P.O. Box and are nearly impossible to contact," comments King. "First-time offenders spend a lot of time and money to ensure a fair second chance. The truth is, that clean slate never exists. Illegal reporting of your expunged record means you've already lost that job or house. We want to prevent this from happening to you." has one goal: help people defend themselves against more than 350 companies irresponsibly reporting outdated consumer information by providing a FCRA inspired checklist of protective actions, the web's only detailed database of CRA contact information, several dispute letter templates, and behind-the-scenes information on how background check companies really operate.

King's research suggests that nearly 70% of expunged arrest records inaccurately appear on reports from this largely unregulated industry. With 1 in 3 US adults being arrested, and 48% of those arrests being expunged or dropped - losing housing or employment because of negligence by background check companies is a terrifying reality for millions of Americans. 

Consumers with expunged records can learn how to protect themselves by disputing inaccurate records and requesting database updates one by one via physically mailed requests to each CRA. Some companies require multiple follow up letters to confirm that the individual's record has been rendered accurate. Consumers can contact for recommendations, referrals, advice and even help managing the expungement enforcement process. For more information on how to ensure expunged records will not show up on any background checks, visit

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The Expunged Record was founded in 2015 to help consumers defend themselves against irresponsible background check reporting by over 350+ companies nationwide.

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