Venture Giant Review: Start-up Investment Capital Matching Platform Publishes £2.8m of Completed Deals

Jul 30, 2015, 04:00 ET from Venture Giant

LONDON, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

London based, Venture Giant (, reviewed as the most advanced entrepreneur and investor capital matching platform in the UK has published an additional £600,000 of completed investment deals through its network - bringing the total of completed deals by tech entrepreneurs and start-ups using the platform to £2.8m.

Venture Giant's primary role is to connect self-certified high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors to entrepreneurs and tech start-ups that are seeking to raise capital for their ventures. In short, their service vets investors and then provides a safe environment for entrepreneurs and investors to build these connections together.

The investment network has built an impressive list of investors registered to them including investors from the Sunday Times Richlist, UK based Millionaires and business angel investors - a selection of these investors can be seen here.

Business angel investors are private high net worth individuals that have chosen to invest their own money and experience into small unquoted businesses. Completed deal levels from single angel investors on Venture Giant have ranged from between £25,000 to £500,000.

Recent success stories on Venture Giant include a tech start-up that describes itself as an "Uber for Food" securing over £200,000 from a single investor contact made through the platform and an entrepreneur raising over £500,000 within 14 days of listing his proposal on Venture Giant which enabled him to resurface Piccadilly Line tube stations in London.

As these successful entrepreneurs profess - investment from a business angel can sometimes bring more than a traditional commercial loan ever could; the required cash, along with limitless advice and guidance from an investor that has already been successful in the sector.

Investment capital is just about everything to an entrepreneur, but an investor's experience, contacts and mentoring can make all the difference to a start-ups success or failure. This fusion of money and mentorship can help a start-up launch, grow and expand faster than they could have ever imagined.

Business Angel Investors aim to achieve significant financial returns by not only investing their own capital into start-ups (or established businesses) but also their time and considerable expertise. This not only increases the chances of a small business succeeding but also ensures that the business is built with the aim of a potential exit via a trade sale in the future or built for further fund raising in the future - something many start-up entrepreneurs miss-out on when doing it themselves.

Over the last year, angel activity has picked up in the UK as more and more angel investors have sought to diversify their investment portfolios away from traditional investments due to factors that include low UK interest rates and lower returns on investments.

Many EIS eligible tech Start-up Funds have also registered on Venture Giant attempting to seek out investment opportunities and filtered investment deal-flow from UK entrepreneurs.

Venture Giant is so much more than simply a 'matching service' - they connect Startups with investors that would be otherwise unapproachable.

As Rishi Anand, Managing Director of Venture Giant pointed out, "Some of the investors that sign up to use us are very private and do not wish for their profiles to be published publically which is why they choose to register with Venture Giant in the first place. We keep all of our investors' details confidential and we only share their details with entrepreneurs, once the investor has confirmed that they are interested in investing in a venture that we have promoted internally to them' he added 'sometimes we literally have to rub our eyes when we see the calibre of investors that register with us - and I am proud that Venture Giant has the opportunity of introducing these individuals to entrepreneurs."

The numbers serve as proof of this, since 2011, Venture Giant has received over 25,000 small business registrations and received over 5000 self-certification sophisticated investor registrations from a diverse range of individuals and investment groups across the UK and abroad.

This has allowed entrepreneurs to raise over £2.8m of angel investment completely commission-free through their online platform.

A full list of Venture Giant's registered Angel investors are available to view on the platform. Only sophisticated investors able to self-certify themselves as high net worth individuals are able to browse investment deals posted from entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

Entrepreneurs looking for funding for their business venture or Startup idea can submit a proposal to Venture Giant located at ‐ 'Bringing Entrepreneurs & Angel Investors, together'

SOURCE Venture Giant