Verdiem Introduces Print & Power Analyzer for Enterprise Print Optimization

End User Print Data Delivers Insights to Reduce Print Costs by up to 30 Percent

Apr 03, 2013, 09:00 ET from Verdiem

SEATTLE, April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Verdiem today announced the general availability of its new software product, Verdiem Print & Power Analyzer, which builds on Verdiem's market leading IT energy management and efficiency platform to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs of an organization's end user computing and print environment. With Verdiem Print & Power Analyzer IT organizations can accurately measure end-user print activity, identify both local and networked printers, characterize costs, and analyze the data to uncover opportunities to optimize the print environment. This often results in reduced enterprise print costs of up to 30 percent or $20 to $60 dollars per user per year.

"IT organizations are experiencing increased pressure to improve service delivery and reduce costs, but they typically have little to no visibility into the costs and utilization of their print environment," said John Scumniotales, CEO of Verdiem. "Industry benchmarks show that most organizations easily spend $300 dollars or more per employee per year on printing. Verdiem Print & Power Analyzer exposes end-user print costs and provides IT organizations the critical data needed to significantly lower print costs."

In the August 2012 Gartner report by Ken Weilerstein, titled, "Overcome Your Printer Fleet Optimization Challenges Through Needs Assessment," Gartner has told clients that they can reduce their office printing costs by 10 to 30 percent. Weilerstein states, "We know the message has gotten through, too, because we regularly speak with clients who have achieved just that. In fact, a fall 2011 survey about Managed Printer Services (MPS) across three world regions showed that 63 percent of respondents involved in MPS projects expected to see a savings in the 10 to 30 percent range, and most of the rest project a larger savings, up to 40 percent."

With Verdiem Print & Power Analyzer, IT organizations gain visibility into printer inventory, utilization, and costs via a single dashboard view. Verdiem enables organizations to:

  • Discover Local and Networked Printers - Verdiem discovers all actively used local and networked printers irrespective of manufacturer. Identifying local printers has been a challenge because IT typically has little to no visibility into local printer purchases and supply costs. However, visibility is essential since the cost per page on local printers is about five times higher than for networked printers.
  • Measure End User Print Usage and Costs - Verdiem measures key print metrics by monitoring end user print activity. Dashboards and reports give IT actionable data on print volumes and costs by department, printer, location, and user. IT will finally be able to answer who prints, where they print, what they print, and when they print.  By understanding these behaviors, IT professionals can drive change and demonstrable cost reductions into the print environment.
  • Analyze to Right-size and Save - With an integrated business intelligence engine, IT can drill-down into print data to uncover insights to help right-size the printer fleet and lower print costs. Verdiem Print & Power Analyzer ships with more than 30 analytics reports including ones that show the highest and lowest volume and cost departments, printers, users, and locations. Additional reports provide prescriptive guidance on possible printers for elimination and show savings opportunities created by shifting volume from high cost to low cost printers.
  • Measure Printer and PC Energy Usage - Verdiem uniquely provides visibility into printer and PC electricity usage and costs. IT devices account for 25 percent of commercial electricity consumption, with roughly half coming from PCs and printers. Verdiem power monitoring establishes a baseline of electricity usage and costs for PC and printer fleets. To control PC energy consumption and save 20 to 50 dollars per PC per year, IT can upgrade to Verdiem's industry-leading PC power management solution.

Environmental Benefits

IT devices consume more than 25 percent of commercial electricity in the US; approximately 15 percent of that is due to printers. Typical network printers draw significant energy when printing a page – about 700 watts. In addition, producing and disposing of paper has a large resource impact: one sheet of paper requires 13 ounces of water; 10 percent of industrial energy consumption goes to making paper; and 30 percent of municipal solid waste in the US is paper-based. But with the right data, it's possible to lower print volumes and significantly reduce an organization's impact on the environment. For example, a 10,000 person organization with 4,000 pages printed per employee per year that cuts print volumes by 10 percent, saves nearly 500 trees, reduces CO2 emissions by 1,400 tons, and takes the equivalent of nearly 300 cars off the road. This is a major improvement for the environment and a significant win for an organization's sustainability program.

About Verdiem

Verdiem is a leader in IT energy management and efficiency software. Verdiem helps organizations reduce operational costs and increase efficiency for end user computing and print devices. Verdiem delivered the first integrated platform for both print analytics and energy optimization for distributed IT devices including PCs, Macs, printers, and IP phones.  More than 700 corporations, government agencies and educational institutions have deployed Verdiem on over 2.5 million devices. Most customers experience payback within 6 to 12 months.  Based in Seattle, Verdiem is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. More information is available at

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