Veritone Launches World's First Cloud-Based Cognitive Media Platform

Ecosystem Built to Transform the World's Media Into Actionable Intelligence Through the Processing of Unstructured Audio and Video Streams

Aug 25, 2015, 06:47 ET from Veritone

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The age of organizing the world's information has peaked and the age of understanding it is now upon us. Today, Veritone announced the launch of the world's first Cognitive Media Platform (CMP), a cloud-based ecosystem of cognitive tools to harness the power of media including television, YouTube, radio, podcasts and daily spoken-word communication such as meetings, speeches, presentations, voicemail and telephone calls.

  • Introducing Veritone – The brainchild of media innovators Chad and Ryan Steelberg, Veritone, a California-based technology company, has been operating under the radar for more than two years. As successful entrepreneurs, the brothers have been on the forefront of the programmatic and efficient delivery of online/offline advertising. Through this experience came the realization that equipping machines with the power to understand and respond to the natural human interface of audio and video content is the next evolutionary step in maximizing the value and potential of media. The result is a scalable platform that provides the ability to derive actionable intelligence, in near-real time, from the world's unstructured media.
  • Cognitive media platform – An ecosystem that ingests, analyzes and activates both private and public media to provide businesses, institutions and content owners with actionable insights that were heretofore unimaginable. This transformation from data to understanding is achieved through the intelligent interrogation of unstructured media streams through a vast set of cognitive algorithms acting in concert with one another. Veritone is the conductor controlling each cognitive engine such as transcription, facial recognition, speaker and object identification, tonal analysis and audience measurement.
  • Open architecture – Veritone delivers a foundation that empowers third-party cognitive engine developers to participate in its CMP and, for the first time, leverage a dynamic platform to advance the programmatic understanding of media. Its Restful APIs provide a means for the development community to embed this newfound intelligence into their applications and to develop and monetize their own cognitive engines. Veritone's CMP processes millions of hours of media per year, generates millions in revenue for its cognitive partners and solves systemic challenges for its customers. Because of this open architecture, Veritone's CMP becomes smarter, faster and more comprehensive over time.
  • Use cases – Veritone's clients range from law enforcement to law schools, from national radio broadcasters to single YouTube channels, from global ad agencies to the neighbor next door. Through the automated analysis of audio and video media, the CMP creates new revenue opportunities, improves security and compliance, enhances customer care and streamlines education.

Chad Steelberg, CEO, Veritone, said:

"Humans have finite capacity to store and process information.  We have become the limiting factor. For the past 17-plus years, companies have solved the storage problem by organizing and making accessible the world's information. The time is now for a platform that can understand media, thus impacting human interaction more than any other technology to date. Veritone was founded on a single idea: to transform the world's media into actionable intelligence."

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Veritone developed the world's first Cognitive Media Platform (CMP). The company is setting a new standard in the evolution of media by providing an open ecosystem for developers, businesses and content owners to collaborate and effectively monetize the insights gained by programmatic cognitive analysis of audio and video streams. Visit us at

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