Verivue Unveils Object Store

First Cloud Storage Platform Designed to Work with Your CDN

Oct 17, 2012, 10:42 ET from Verivue

WESTFORD, Mass., Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Verivue Inc., a leading authority and innovator in the fast growing field of digital content delivery, today announced another groundbreaking addition to its OneVantage product portfolio, Object Store. The Object Store is a highly scalable, resilient, and extensible private cloud storage platform designed for Network Operators to publish and store content so that it may be served by a CDN.

The popularity of over-the-top video is pushing networks to near capacity and the volume of content is expected to grow at an even faster pace. While there are plenty of storage solutions in the market, most are difficult to manage, don't scale simultaneously in storage capacity and performance, and are far too expensive. Combining the best aspects of cloud storage technology and content delivery, Verivue developed its Object Store specifically to operate with a CDN and to let network operators start slowly and add on as needed without exorbitant upfront costs.

The OneVantage Object Store provides redundant, scalable storage for media assets using clusters of commodity off-the-shelf servers, capable of storing multiple petabytes and billions of objects. In addition to eliminating any single point of failure, there is no single point of control in the entire cluster, thus eliminating any potential performance bottlenecks. Objects are written to multiple disk drives spread across servers in the cluster. Furthermore, Verivue's sophisticated software ensures data replication and integrity across the cluster. If a server or disk drive fails, its content is automatically replicated from other active nodes to new locations in the cluster. By leveraging software logic to provide self-healing, inexpensive commodity hardware can be used in lieu of more expensive proprietary storage equipment, which translates into a lower overall cost.

Object Store is designed to grow linearly with each additional drive or node that is added. To increase storage capacity, additional disk drives or nodes can be added while the cluster is in operation, and the software self-organizes to take advantage of the added capacity, without the need for upgrades or data migration. The clustering and data replication capabilities can be readiness deployed across physical sites to provide much needed geo-redundancy.

"We developed the Object Store in direct response to our customers who were looking for a cloud storage solution to supplement their CDN - a solution that is easy to manage, and is scalable and inexpensive," said Santosh Krishnan, founder and vice president of product strategy, Verivue. "Our customers need a platform that can grow with their business needs and the Object Store offers them just that. The time has come to think beyond expensive and proprietary storage solutions in favor of cloud storage."

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