Vertica Announces Upgrade Program and Incentives to Move EMC Greenplum Customers to the Vertica Analytics Platform

Upgrade program delivers a custom toolset that allows migration of data in hours; offers liberal "buy back" credits for outstanding Greenplum commitments

Oct 18, 2010, 15:21 ET from Vertica Systems

BILLERICA, Mass., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Vertica Systems, the leading provider of real-time analytics platforms, today announced the Greenplum upgrade program and toolkit designed to help EMC Greenplum customers seamlessly migrate their data onto the Vertica Analytics Platform.  Created in direct response to Greenplum customers concerned with the performance and anticipated cost of their EMC/Greenplum system, the Greenplum upgrade program includes a custom toolset to migrate a Greenplum data warehouse onto a Vertica Analytics Platform in a matter of hours.  With Vertica, customers are able to deploy and scale from gigabytes to petabytes within a single rack – transparently, seamlessly, and linearly.  

The Greenplum upgrade program consists of:

  • Vertica Analytics Platform: high performance, query-optimized fault tolerance, and linear scalability with parallel real-time querying and loading on industry standard hardware
  • Migration Tool Set: Vertica Database Designer software and custom toolkit optimized for Greenplum migrations
  • Incentive Program: up to 50% credit for remaining Greenplum commitments

"Customers were expecting a lot more from the EMC/Greenplum appliance," said Christopher Lynch, CEO of Vertica Systems.  "Instead, EMC announced an overpriced proprietary storage array that, at best, can store only 144 terabytes of user data per full rack.  Vertica delivers up to 1.44 petabytes in a single rack on industry-standard hardware from Dell, Cisco, or HP. And, Vertica's capacity management capabilities and per node performance deliver the most eco-friendly data warehouse on the market."

With over 200 customers and a high-performance analytics platform that maximizes performance, concurrency, and scalability on commodity hardware, Vertica is in a unique position to address the needs of any company looking to monetize the massive amounts of data generated in today's information economy.  With aggressive compression, parallel real-time querying and loading and seamless integration with industry-standard tools, Vertica customers are realizing the value of their information assets in real time.  

The patented Vertica Database Designer automatically configures and optimizes the database configuration, and when combined with the custom toolkit created for the Greenplum Upgrade Progam, allows users to begin parallel loading and querying of data within hours, or even minutes.

"Greenplum has always required significant amounts of disk I/O given its Postgres row-store legacy, so it's no surprise Vertica can pack an order of magnitude more data into the same rack," stated Colin Mahony, VP of Product Management and Business Development at Vertica.  "Now, with EMC introducing the Greenplum DCA, it seems they are moving away from their traditional approach of software optimized for commodity hardware.  The Greenplum Upgrade Program allows users to run the Vertica Analytics Platform right on their existing Greenplum hardware, saving on hardware and providing lower-cost scalability."

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About Vertica

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