Verve Mobile Launches Revolutionary Place-Based Mobile Audience Targeting Solution

New Proprietary Platform Allows Brand Advertisers to Target Mobile Audience Segments

Feb 21, 2013, 08:05 ET from Verve Mobile

NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Verve Mobile, the leader in location powered mobile advertising, announced today it has launched Place Insights™, the first mobile place-based audience targeting solution purpose-built to help brands reach their optimal audiences based on the characteristics of a user's location.

"The big new data set mobile brings to the table is location – a data set that can be as important at inferring intent, demographics, audience profiles and other attributes as any we have seen to date in digital advertising," said Tom MacIsaac, CEO of Verve. "This revolutionary new product from Verve, which our extraordinary team of architects and data scientists has been working on for over a year, will be the premier mobile audience targeting solution for brands – it is that transformational."

Verve is already the trusted partner to many Fortune 500 brands because of its unparalleled array of location targeting solutions, of which the Place Insights™ product is the newest addition. "Location is the most valuable input in audience targeting in mobile, and as the location expert, Verve has built the premier place-based audience targeting platform available today.  We have pre-built the 17 top audience segments that are most in demand by marketers.  We can also craft custom segments for brands to match their specific audience profiles or run more broadly targeted campaigns and show brands the segments in which they best perform," MacIsaac said. 

"We have divided the world into hexagonal micro-grids (hex-grids) as small as a city block and then associated large amounts of data with each grid so that we understand what's there and what that can tell us about users who are in those hex-grids," said Chris Nicotra, CTO of Verve.  "We ingest, store and make sense of massive amounts of demographic, transactional, commercial, social and other data types that allow us to understand the audience that is likely to be in a hex grid at a certain time.  For example, if a suburban shopping center occupies a certain hex-grid we can understand the demographics of nearby neighborhoods, the mix of commercial establishments, and other data that will tell us a lot about a user in that grid. And, over time, as we see a unique users in multiple grids we can develop an anonymous profiles of a user based on their place-based attributes."

Verve has distinguished itself as the leader in location-based mobile advertising by providing brands with a broad array of solutions that leverage location data to power their mobile marketing.  See the recent "State of the Market: Location-Based Mobile Advertising Report" for a review of some of those strategies.

"Location powered mobile advertising isn't about single point solutions like geo-fencing, place-based audience targeting, 3rd party data targeting, or deep local market targeting – it's about having all of these tools, and more, available to help brands achieve their mobile marketing goals." MacIsaac said.  "At Verve, our goal is to develop multi-faceted solutions for brands that leverage both Verve proprietary data and technologies but also pull in value from our many data partners and find the location powered solutions and strategies that work best for particular brands."

For more information on Place Insights™, please refer to Verve's white paper here.

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Verve Mobile is the pioneering leader in location-based mobile advertising. Our customers are national brand advertisers who want to engage consumers on their mobile devices with location-aware, data-driven and highly targeted marketing. We also serve premium publishers across the nation, delivering the platforms and services they need to power and monetize their mobile properties.  The Verve location powered technology platform and the proprietary data it generates are revolutionizing mobile media and advertising. It enables consumer and content brands to reach their desired audiences on the go, out and about, and closer to the buying decision than ever before. Verve has offices in New York, NY, Washington DC and San Diego, CA. For more information, visit

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