VictorOps Intelligent Routing and Annotated Alerting Improves Resolution Time for DevOps Organizations

Customers Gain Swifter Approach to Problem Solving; 9-1-1 Labs Sees Fifty Percent Decrease in Response Time; Craftsy Saves Critical Minutes Per Alert

Jun 22, 2015, 10:00 ET from VictorOps

BOULDER, Colo., June 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- VictorOps, the real-time incident management platform for DevOps, today announced that its intelligent routing and alert annotations functionality, known as the Transmogrifier, has demonstrably changed and improved the way teams solve problems. Available since November 2014, VictorOps' Transmogrifier feature pairs intelligent routing and alert annotations to improve time-to-resolution.

"We went beyond just addressing the documentation issue and also solved for alert fatigue," said Todd Vernon, co-founder and CEO, VictorOps. "Improving time-to-resolution is more than just fixing documentation challenges, it's also about addressing alerts before they escalate. Now organizations can transform how alerts behave so they can sort through the noise and get to what's important. This combination is what makes the VictorOps solution so powerful."

Customer Adoption
9-1-1 Labs has a distributed team with several projects running simultaneously, which means finding the right documentation to aid in the triage of problems was a daunting task. "Using the VictorOps Transmogrifier has saved us a phenomenal amount of work," said Daniel Zacek, CTO, 9-1-1 Labs. "Not only is our response time substantially more efficient, VictorOps has decreased our average time-to-resolution by at least fifty percent."

David Palma, DevOps engineer at Craftsy said, "With the Transmogrifier, I save a good 5-10 minutes of trying to search for all the necessary documentation. There is no longer stress associated with having to obtain information from disparate places, and this has been extremely beneficial for the team."

NCR, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, said, "The VictorOps Transmogrifier allows our teams to create flexible alerts based on complicated situations that we never could easily solve before. The result is a swifter approach to pressing problems using an existing tool we already love."

"The Transmogrifier is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool," said Jeremy Welch, services engineer, Entrust. "By using the annotation functionally, knowledge is no longer in one person's possession. If a problem arises, we are confident the person on-call will have all the information they need whether they've never seen the problem before, or they have dealt with it 100 times."

Pairing Intelligent Routing and Alert Annotations
The process of intelligent routing gives teams the ability to change the state of alerts, which includes everything from cleaning up and quieting alarms during certain parts of the day to ensuring alarms are directed to specific people, and creating alarms for custom monitoring solutions or emails.

With VictorOps alert annotations, real-time remediation data comes baked into the initial alert, placing all relevant facts in the hands of engineers when it counts. By surfacing an organization's existing documentation and importing both graphs and data alongside the initial alert, engineers in a firefight can immediately see a path to solve the problem.

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About VictorOps
VictorOps is the real-time incident management platform that empowers DevOps professionals to tackle the entire incident lifecycle from first alert through to retrospective. The VictorOps platform combines the power of people and data to make it easier for developer and operations teams to be involved in problem solving during a crisis without having to be on duty. Privately held, VictorOps is made up of passionate technologists who know what it's like to be responsible for uptime. VictorOps is backed by Costanoa Venture Capital and Foundry Group. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter @VictorOps.


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