Vida Vacations Scam? Survey of Guests Casts Further Doubt on the Validity of Earlier Rumors Spread Online

Jan 14, 2014, 01:00 ET from

Although the initial rumors of a scam at Vida Vacations were met with doubt, a survey of travelers at Vida Vacations' many resorts paints a completely different tale as the one being spread around the Internet.

CANCUN, Mexico, Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Is there a widespread Vida Vacations scam that is affecting travelers' enjoyment of the holiday giant's many luxury resorts? This is the question that has been put in the minds of the many people who have read the rumors being posted online earlier in the year. Whenever there are claims as serious as these, people will want a definitive answer as to what the truth of the matter is. The easiest way to discover the reality in a situation like this is to go directly to the source and find out what the actual customers are saying. Surely if there was a nefarious ongoing scam at the resorts of Vida Vacations their guests would have noticed something?

There is an aura of mystery surrounding the Vida Vacations scam rumors and a survey of their guests succeeded in shrouding the origin of the rumors in a further cloud. "I have found nothing to complain about…" said one guest of multiple Vida Vacations resorts. How did guests respond specifically to the staff at Vida Vacations? "The employees provide the best service," said one with another stating, "The concierge on your floor lives to make your stay comfortable."

With an overwhelming amount of positive responses pouring out of recent visitors of the Vida Vacations resorts it leads to speculation about where these stories of a Vida Vacations scam came from. With guests of the resorts leaving satisfied with the vacation experiences provided to them, it is safe to rule out the reports as originating with actual customers. It is always a good idea to remain skeptical when a bevy of reports making these accusations appear at once and when present guests are this happy it is safe to rule that future guests will be just as content.