Video-Based Captchas Now Available for Sites and Blogs

Better user engagement and increased site security are key features in this free, fun new Captcha technology

Jun 30, 2010, 09:00 ET from Leap Marketing Technologies Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Leap Marketing Technologies Inc., launched its company, NuCaptcha, and the NuCaptcha Platform, a first-of-its-kind Captcha technology that uses video to determine if people are really human, not machines. Captchas perform a critical function on most sites and blogs in thwarting spambots from entering a site by pretending to be real people. Video offers the greatest advancement in Captcha technology since it was first introduced ten years ago, due to the simple fact that motion in video is very hard for computers to read, yet extremely easy for humans.

The first product launched on the NuCaptcha Platform is NuCaptcha Basic, a freemium security service for Websites and blogs available now at

The use of Captchas has almost doubled in the last 2 years with an estimated 100 billion Captchas used last year. This reflects both the growth of online activities as well as the increasing need to protect websites and users against spam, login hacks, online identity and resource theft and other abuses. Yet surprisingly, over the last ten years, there have been few if any true innovations in mainstream captcha technology. This technology can generally be divided into two distinct offerings: Transcription-based Captchas, which account for the vast majority of the Captchas seen on the Web, estimated at over 99 percent of the market; and Test-based Captchas which typically require users to spend more time and effort than Transcription-based Captchas, and consequently have not been widely adopted. Essentially, over 99 percent of the market is served by legacy, static Captcha systems that have become easier for computers to hack. Instead of creating more effective Captchas, companies have simply made them more difficult to read. This has led to user frustration and lost conversions on websites.

"Attackers wishing to break a Captcha follow one of two strategies: Either develop software to defeat the Captcha or pay humans to solve them. NuCaptcha offers a revolutionary approach that protects against both attacks," states Dr. Greg Mori, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, BC Canada.

NuCaptcha introduces video technology to text-based Captchas: Animation enables NuCaptcha to increase security features such as closely packing letters together; creating text that is very difficult for software, specifically Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to solve compared to current products in the field. In contrast, the animation makes the captcha far easier for humans to solve, because humans are attuned to perceiving motion.

In addition, the NuCaptcha Platform utilizes behavioral intelligence to deliver very easy Captchas to legitimate users and increasingly difficult Captchas to attackers. All of these innovations combine to provide the highest level of security available while still giving the user an easy and enjoyable experience. This enables websites and blogs to confidently acquire more legitimate registered users, provide a better user experience, and ultimately generate more revenue and value.

About NuCaptcha Basic

This free product for websites and blogs provides up to 25,000 Captchas per month, sufficient to meet the needs of the majority of sites. NuCaptcha Basic can be installed and running in 10 minutes; once installed, websites and blogs are provided with high quality video NuCaptchas reflecting various themes, currently including Environmental, Sports and Abstract. Sites can choose to display one or more themes to best suit their look-and-feel and content. Additional themes will be added in the near future based on user input.

"We're tremendously excited about this opportunity: we believe that video has the potential to revolutionize Captchas. With prolific use of video and multimedia all over the Web, the timing is perfect to introduce this new form of Captcha, which we believe will add tremendous value to sites through increased engagement and branding," states Michel Giasson, co-founder and CEO for NuCaptcha. "We have an exceptional team in place, including Christopher Bailey, a seasoned security executive as our CTO, and Dr. Greg Mori a leading security expert, to deliver a world class service."

About NuCaptcha

Founded in 2008, NuCaptcha's mission is to provide heightened, industry-leading, Internet security with the ease of use that everyone can employ. Simply put: Better Security, Easier to Use. The NuCaptcha platform was developed by Leap Marketing Technologies, based out of Vancouver, BC; one of North America's top technology centers. Visit us at

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