VIDEO from European Parliament available on Anti-Austerity Protest Demonstrators Ask for More Social Measures to Tackle the Crisis

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There was an anti-austerity protest today in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg called by several French Trade Unions in order to protest against austerity measures and ask for more sustainable and social investments to tackle the crisis and back a sustainable growth. "Europe has the choice: support financial markets or doing another policy of economic recovery based on the satisfaction of social needs," said Raymond Ruck, a CGT Trade Union representative. "There are lots of unemployed people, lot of precarious situations, of low incomes; people are having difficulties to afford the cost of living," he added. Interviewed to react on this demonstration, French S&D MEP Catherine Trautmann declared: "The question that gnaws at every European is: 'who will pay the price of this crisis?'  And the answer they're considering is that they are going to be obliged to pay, either directly by the lowering of their purchasing power, or by losing their jobs or even through an unfair tax policy." "It is necessary to find answers that allow the proper level of governance and at the same time that compensate all these shortcomings. How do we do that? Well, at the European Council, by deciding to create 'Eurobonds' to give Euro which is our common good the opportunity to stabilize, also to obtain the creation of an agency pooling the debts of the Member States to allow them to recover and prevent them from sinking because of speculative attacks," she added.

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