VIDEO from Synaptic Digital and Gardener's Confidence: Planning Ahead Makes Gardening on Budget Possible

Jun 03, 2010, 16:34 ET from Synaptic Digital from ,Gardener’s Confidence

NEW YORK, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- While everyone is watching their budget these days, the good news is you can still have a beautiful garden by taking the right steps from the start. That can mean scaling down the size of the garden, finding multiple uses for the plants you choose and taking proper care of the plants you select.

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First, consider the size of your garden. Perhaps instead of having a full-scale, in-ground garden, think instead of planting a container garden. The container garden is economical in that it requires a less amount of water than an in-ground garden, it requires the purchase of fewer plants and it is mobile so it can be transferred from area to area around the exterior of your home and thus can serve multiple purposes. It can, for example, be put on a front porch or doorstep to greet guests and later be moved poolside for an outdoor gathering. And this "living arrangement" can be spruced up with festive accessories during holidays throughout the year such as adding flags and ribbons for Independence Day and miniature pumpkins for Thanksgiving Day.

By selecting plants for the container that rebloom, such as the Mini Penny Hydrangea ( or Heaven Scent Gardenia ( from Gardener's Confidence Collection, you will be assured of getting "more bloom for your buck." Because these plants bloom multiple times during the growing season, you can easily clip their flowers for use indoors in simple arrangements and the plant will bloom again, providing more beautiful flowers to clip again or enjoy in the garden. The fragrant Heaven Scent Gardenia also fills the home with a pleasant aroma.

Finally, to make the most of the plant, be familiar with and follow the tips provided for each to ensure the health and longevity of the plant. For example, the compact Mini Penny Hydrangea, which grows to three to four feet, does best in morning sun and afternoon shade.

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