VIDEO from Synaptic Digital and Nutrients for Life: Planting the Seeds of Success

Jun 07, 2010, 11:38 ET from Synaptic Digital from ,Nutrients for Life

NEW YORK, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Vegetable gardening is seeing a surge in popularity as people are looking for more ways to save money while still concerned about healthy eating.  What used to be a fun hobby for many is now turning into a necessity.  The Locavore movement is big right now and there's nothing more local than growing your own produce.  And let's face it -- gardening is a hot trend right now -- even the Obamas are doing it.  

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Planning a productive, fuss-free vegetable garden is a lot easier than you think.  With a little careful planning, you can create an easy-care garden that provides you with armloads of delicious homegrown vegetables from spring to fall.  And all good gardeners know that healthy soil is the key to a successful vegetable garden.  Not all vegetables and fruit use the same type of fertilizer, so it's important to learn about the different fertilizers out there. (Video of Dee showing different types of fertilizers)

You can have a garden no matter what size dwelling you live in.  In fact, container and rooftop gardens are growing in popularity.  People don't need to spend $300 a month on groceries.  They can start a crop and have sustenance for the rest of the year. Nutrients for Life Master Gardener spokesperson and stay-at-home mom, Dee McKenna, shares tips on how to plan your vegetable or fruit garden. (Video of Dee "getting started.")

Nutrients for Life Foundation:  Nutrients for Life is a non-profit foundation educating people on the use of fertilizer.  We aim to increase an understanding of how responsible use of fertilizer improves the health of our soil, the plants that grow in it, and ultimately, the foods we eat.

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SOURCE Synaptic Digital; Nutrients for Life