VIDEO from and Calorie Control Council: How Can You Prevent Packing on the Pounds While Still Enjoying the Holiday Season? Nutrition Expert Debunks Common Holiday Food and Weight Myths

Oct 28, 2010, 13:17 ET from from ,Calorie Control Council

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The weather is cooling off and the holiday season is rapidly approaching. It is the time of year when dwindling daylight and a calendar packed with holiday parties often leads to increasing weight concerns. But do you really have to be a party pooper to prevent an expanded waistline? Experts say no! Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to celebrate the season without gaining weight and knowing how to sort the facts from the myths can help you and your waistline survive all of the holiday indulgences, from your company's potluck to mom's annual party. Nutrition expert, Diane Quagliani (Pron: Kwa-Lee-Ah-Nee), RD, sheds light on some of the food and weight myths surrounding the upcoming season.

For instance, are you destined to gain five pounds during the holidays, are traditional holiday foods bad for your health, and will eating at a late night party cause you to gain weight? She also shares general consumer-friendly ways to eat right and count calories

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