Video Interviewing Achieves Best Results in Battle for Skilled Talent

HCI research indicates that expanding candidate reach through video interviewing is the solution to the recruiting crisis

Sep 27, 2011, 12:33 ET from Montage Talent

DELAFIELD, Wis., Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The recruiting game has changed yet again.  According to ManpowerGroup's 2011 Talent Shortage Survey, 52 percent of U.S. employers are increasingly challenged to fill mission-critical positions within their organizations; a dramatic increase from only 14 percent in 2010. Research by Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global association for talent management and new economy leadership ideas, confirms this recruiting crisis. For a copy of HCI's just-released white paper, entitled "Video Interviewing: Close the Talent Gap & Win the War for Talent," please visit

According to HCI, a critical solution to solving this discrepancy is video interviewing. The companies surveyed, reported that the strategy of video interviewing has made a major difference in winning the war for talent, and that this technology has the capacity to expand candidate reach and dramatically improve hiring results and ROI. According to HCI's findings, best successes were achieved when video interviewing was part of a well-thought-out platform, such as the video interviewing solutions offered by Montage Talent, the leading provider of video interviewing solutions.

Montage provides a full-service enterprise video platform for the HR and recruiting needs of ManpowerGroup Solutions, Pinstripe Talent and Blue Bunny. "All too often, we'd think a candidate sounded solid after a phone interview, only to realize that this wasn't the right fit just five minutes after meeting in person...Of course, by then, we'd already paid for a flight out, hotel stay and other expenses. Our question was: how do we improve the process on the front end?" expressed Dane Doty, Blue Bunny staffing manager.

"Hiring managers can now view interactions with candidates on their own time, from halfway across the world. That improves efficiency and gets us to quality hires faster," explained Bradley Pierson, vice president of Operations at ManpowerGroup Solutions. Pinstripe CEO Sue Marks added that "hiring managers have access and influence sooner than ever before, and this input delivers, without exception a smarter, better hire."

Time-to-fill. Cost-per-hire. Talent scarcity. The challenges faced by today's recruiters are significant. As one Montage client put it: "Montage's solution is the next evolution of interviewing and a genuine differentiator for our company. It not only gives us a powerful competitive edge, but delivers excellent ROI and tremendous efficiencies, as well."

Traditionally, recruiting outside of one's geographic market would be an expensive proposition. But, Montage's solution virtually eliminates the need for the candidate and the interviewer to be in the same location. Just as powerful, the solution is attractive to passive candidates that might not have the flexibility to travel while actively employed. An advanced video interviewing solution like Montage's enables the entire hiring team to communicate on an unlimited basis from unlimited locations, on their own time schedules.

"Today's companies need a richer interaction with candidates earlier in the process to assess their skills. Resumes and phone screens are not enough," says Amy Lewis, HCI Practice Leader, Talent Strategy and Acquisition. Lewis noted that one Montage Client achieved a ten-fold ROI. "According to that company, Montage's Video Interviewing platform enabled its recruiters to assess candidates earlier, schedule effortlessly and eliminate travel costs," she explained.

For a copy of the white paper "Video Interviewing: Close the Talent Gap & Win the War for Talent," please visit

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